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Yarn swap in Knit-o-matic

July 12, 2008 , , , ,

What did I do today?

in the morning, I taught piano lessons till around 1pm.

and then, after the lunch with Erika, we brought two big bags of new/used, unwanted yarn stash and crafty stuffs to Knit-o-matic!

I love this kind of swap a lot. Although I only brought one cone of merino home, compare with my size of yarn stash, the ratio is like 1:30. But, I enjoyed it. 

I only care one thing: to get rid of the unwanted yarn and let them go to a better home!

I did it!

I also met some knitters in the store, however, they were about to leave, and didn’t get a chance to know each other.

Before we stepped into the store, the sky was till ok, a bit cloudy and not yet rain.

After we got into the car, the storm came! How lucky we were, otherwise, the yarn will soak of rain!

Actually, when I checked my stash after the swap, I found that I still have some more to get rid of.

May be I will wait for next swap (End of JULY?).

I am thinking of selling some more yarn, in ebay? in Ravelry? in Destash ? Where shall I put?


I did knit in the past few nights, (just a bit, not much, I was so tired)  I was working on the sea silk shawl (the one for Angel) I really love the touch of the sea silk, it’s soooo soft and silky!!!

Oh well, this week, I had no luck (a little bit disappointed) on any package from my swaps (I was expecting something from Knitter’s Treasure Swap/Summer of Yarn love, probably next week I will have some surprise! 🙂  

What do you think?

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You should get your SOYL package on Monday. 🙂


Thanks for telling me so, I CAN’T wait!! 🙂

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

July 13, 2008

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