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Totally spoiled #2 (Treasure’s swap)

July 14, 2008

Here is another swap package that I received on the same day…

(see the little logo here? Ana was so neat, she added this treasure swap logo on the shipping label ,this is cute. I have never thought about that. )

I love all the stuffs inside,

here is the picture for the whole package:

There are so many things packed inside, THanks Ana, you know what I like. 🙂

1) 4 balls of Just Bamboo, yeah, I love the pink/purple color and the bamboo yarn,  they are so soft. 🙂 must be great for Erika! 

2) another 4 balls of my fav brand: Debbie Bliss – Pure cotton
I love this cotton, it’s so soft and again, I think I will knit something for Erika. I love this duck egg blue color ! Just so charming. 🙂


3) the little pink bear ,I think this stuffed toy is for Erika, right? It’s so cute, Erika knew that was hers, and she just couldn’t resist to hold her! (but, actually, she was more excited to see the yarn, as  you could tell from the 1st picture!)

4) the pattern book: “Soft + simple knits for Little ones” by Heidi Boyd.
There are many many great cute patterns that I can knit for Erika and other kids. 🙂

it’s a wonderful pattern book, I am so happy that I will have one more book in my library!

5) a set of beautiful note cards with stickers, this is great for me, I love paper stuffs, and these are just great for me to send cards to friends and families. 😀 

6) Chocolate: Lindt, my fav brand of chocolate… however, when I open it, it was melt a bit, I put it in the fridge and hopefully it will harden again ,and I am sure that it will still taste good. Yum! 

7) Great handmade craft by Ana, the stitch markers. You did a  very great job on this, I actually tried to make something like, but yours are much nicer (and professional) than mine. 😀 
I should learn from you, Ana.

8)  A teddy bear shape tape measure, this is so cute, again, Erika loves it. haha (i love it too) 

9) A pen , great for writing note cards and notes for my patterns 

10) A bag of different colors roving, I know that she wants me to try more needle felting projects, yeah, I love needle felting, they are just gorgeous!

Thanks, Ana, you really know my taste , thanks a million 😀 


I enjoy this swap a lot! 😀 

Erika loves this swap too, she was so excited about my swap packages, look like those are hers. 🙂


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yes, it’s at least $30 for the yarn cost, but for the other treats, it’s really up to you.
Some people like to spoil others MORE, some less. 🙂
It’s really fun.
Some swaps do welcome international knitters.
For some swaps, they only accept those live in USA/Canada. ;P


July 15, 2008

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