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July 14, 2008 , , , , , ,

Today is my big day, I received two swap packages at a time!

I would like to share the first one by Summer of Yarn love swap first, because this package should be received in June, but my pal was away for business, and it was a bit late. How kind she was that she combined the JUNE and JULY package together, so, I’ve got a VERY BIG BOX of yarn and treats from her!

Thanks a lot!

I love them all.

Let me introduce the yarn first:

1) Alpaca Boucle from Diamond yarn x 5 balls
90% alpaca, 10% nylonΒ Β 
I tried boucle yarn few years ago, and I wasn’t very good in knitting this ,because I always mixed up the stitches on the needles with those curly holes of the boucle yarn. Oh well, may be after few years of knitting experience, my skill can handle better with this.

2) Knitmania from Chic-tex yarn.
55% cotton, 25% acrylic, and 20% polyester (with sequens)
This is so special to me, and I am thinking I can use it as borders or edges for my Erika’s garments. πŸ™‚

I like this pink, it’s really my color!

Stuffs for Erika:

3) 2 puzzles for Erika … my pal love this strawberry shortcake character, hey, I love her too. πŸ™‚

IT’s so cute! Erika loves it too, and she just can’t wait to play with it. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the treats to my daughter, how lucky to be my daughter, haha!

4) Music cds
one for Erika (again! how lucky!) It’s Storybook favorites
one is recorded by my pal, and there are 40 songs in there, I think I will put them in my car so that we can both enjoy the music!

Stuffs for me ONLY!

5) Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazelnut coffee
wow, coffee, I don’t drink coffee, but I like to smell it, and my husband , dad and mom love coffee, so, I think I will pass this to my family and let them enjoy … Actually I will enjoy it too, as I just love to smell it!

6) mini note cards with a L initial

I love orange and blue combination, you picked my choice πŸ˜€

Thanks, I can use it to write my own thank you note, or hello note to my friends and families. πŸ˜€
I never say “NO” to stationery, especially paper stuffs. πŸ˜€

7) 3 mini stamps (flowers, sheep, and cow)
very cute!!
great for decorating my cards, notes and stuffs. πŸ˜€

8) bubble gum
Ha, I love it, Erika loves to hold it and then shake, she loves making noise! ha

9) piggy tape measure

wow, I love this pig, soooo cute!

10) pink needles x 2 pairs

it’s plastic ones , I don’t have these, it’s good to have some now, and may be I can save them for Erika , when she grows up more, I can teach her how to knit, and it’s good for kid to hold lighter needles rather than giving her metal/wood ones. πŸ™‚

11) a beautiful stripes printed fabric tray!
I love this, it’s so functional, I can put small stuffs in there.. so that I can find them easily. πŸ˜€

Great buy!

12) a lovely sheep eraserΒ 

I dont’ think I will use it, it’s so cute, Β I don’t want to ‘erase’ the sheep.. hahaha

13) A letter L magnet
I love the L with purple color … πŸ™‚ Very ME!

14) Β mallow..Β 
I love marshmallow … πŸ˜€ Yummy yummy

15) a highlighter
great for highlighting patterns … very thoughtful!

16) last but not least: ERika’s sandals!
this is so cute, Erika tried them on, see?

WOw, you are right, 16 items in a package…

Am I spoiled?

ETA: I missed to type down two more things from my pal.

17) stitch markers (for sock knitting )

18) and a CD with “Secret sock knitting” ! Thanks so much…!! πŸ™‚

Thanks my pal..


you picked so many goodies for me, I don’t know how much I should say to THANK YOU!


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Wow, what a BIG package! You’re spoiled by receiving all these treats! I am happy for you but at the same time I am jealous!
Hope you and Erika will enjoy all the gifts.

you want to be spoiled? you can join the swap later, it’s really fun!
lots of surprises, and it’s really fun to prepare the package for your partner too. πŸ™‚


July 14, 2008

I’m glad you got it safely! I didn’t know you don’t drink coffee (neither do I! I thought I was the only one out there that doesn’t drink coffee!) Sorry about that, but glad you like the smell of coffee!

I’m glad the sandals fit Erika and she likes the puzzles!

The CD for you has 40 songs on it! 20 on each disc!!

I hope you have better luck this time with the Boucle yarn. I didn’t know you had a bad experience with it a long time ago. I felt it and it felt so soft that I had to get it for you!

Happy Knitting!

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

July 14, 2008

Holly….That’s a lot of stuff πŸ™‚ A LOT…

Yeah, a very big thanks for my pal. πŸ™‚


July 15, 2008

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