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can’t wait for tomorrow!

July 23, 2008

TOday, I had a chance to make some cookies. Finally, I bake again! 

I love baking : the smell, the process of making the dough, the outcome of the cookies! 

Today’s recipe is from Martha Stewart Cookies book, Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies.

What should I say about the cookies? It’s yummy, not too sweet but quite rich with  chocolate ( my favorite!).

Today’s weather is not good outside and I couldn’t take some good pictures of it, I will take some nice pics tomorrow and post it here again. 



I already set myself a time table for tomorrow, since I don’t have any piano lesson , I can do more things:

Must do list:

1) finish off the Dress for Erika, just need to knit two straps and weave ends.

2) block the shawl for Angel

3) mail out all my destash books and yarn. (yeah, many books on my destash list, check my Ravelry Stash! )

4) start a new project, what? again? yeah, I want to knit a Stole for myself, it will be the Seascape in 

5) may be make more cookies. hehehe


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I love that Martha Stewart Cookie Cook Book, it’s great, isn’t it?

YES!!! 🙂
There are so many nice cookies inside, and can’t wait to try them all. which one did you make that you really love?

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

July 23, 2008

Just sent you a PM on Ravelry about one of the books you have for sale.

Yes, I got it!
I am happy that you like one of them. 😀
thanks for helping me destash!


July 24, 2008

hahahaha~~Seascape…..I will do it!
I join the TKA(,
Seascape is new project!!

WOw, you even joined the group!nice…
so, what yarn are you going to use for this seascape stole?


July 24, 2008

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