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Blocking Erika’s TOP

July 24, 2008 , , ,

I made a mistake on my previous post about Erika’s DRESS. 

It’s not a DRESS, it’s a DOLL TOP! 

It’s so fast to knit this top for her. I already blocked it this morning, and I can sew the buttons and add something on the front panel of her top. 

it’s gonna be fun to put it on her!!

(can’t wait!)


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真想快點看到Erika 穿在身上呢~~

me too !! 🙂


July 24, 2008

That looks super cute. I can’t wait to see her modelling it!

I can’t wait too.. however, I am working on the stole, and don’t have energy to sew the buttons (ah , what an excuse!) but I will do it tomorrow (tomorrow’s TO DO LIST) … and will take some good pics on her!

Summer Of Yarn Love Pal

July 24, 2008

It’s an interesting colour combination. I think it’s actually “cool”!

you mean 型? hehe…
I love this combination, if I have a chance, I will knit something for myself with this combination too. 🙂


July 25, 2008

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