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adding beads by crochet hook method

July 29, 2008

This stole is really beautiful! 

I am on the 2nd repeat of Chart B now… it’s so much fun, and surprisedly , I didn’t make any mistake.. hahaha

I thought this yarn is too fine and hard to knit, but I think I got used to it, so, it’s kind of easy though. 

I mean, I didn’t miss any stitch, I felt very happy about it.

When I took a rest between knitting, I went to Ravelry and check out other people’s project. 
i saw one of the shawl YarnHarlot did, wow, she added beads to it ,and it’s so gorgeous!

The good thing she showed is that she was using the ‘crochet hook method‘ to add the beads to the shawl, instead of using the old way : threading beads to the yarn.

However, it’s a bit too late for me to add beads to the Seascape this time.

But, next time, I think I will add some beads to the shawl , it will look more elegant!


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I agree with you, with a beautiful shawl like what you have, it’s good to add beads to make it more glamous! I can’t wait to see a picture of what you’ve got!

Yeah, it’s very elegant!
however, I won’t able to add beads for the current Seascape stole project.
But I will give a try for my next shawl project. 🙂
I have to buy beads first. 🙂


July 29, 2008

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