Craft Lover

Craft Lover

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Seascape (middle stage)

August 7, 2008 , , , , ,


it should look better after blocking...

it should look better after blocking...

I am trying my best to knit while Erika sleeps.


And I just finished the 3rd time of chart B….


Seascape - the lace

Seascape - the lace



it’s almost half way of the pattern.

I really want to finish it off soon so that I can wear it out on my friend’s wedding….


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It’s beautiful, i can’t wait to see it after blocking. You are almost there!

can’t wait , can’t wait…


August 7, 2008

It’s looking good! I hope you have time to finish it off and block it before the wedding. When is it gonna be? Oh, do you have enough yarn? If you don’t, you can use mine to finish it.
Keep it up!!

Yeah, I hope so too…
RIght now, I am using the 2nd ball, and it’s already half way of the stole.
I don’t think I need more than 3 balls..
and I will have 2 balls left …hahaha


August 7, 2008

打算織幾個chart B呢?

I think I will go for just 6 repeats.. (or may be one more )
since it’s quite stretchy, I think after blocking, the length should be alright.
And I think I will still have 2 balls of yarn left. And I can use it for another shawl. 😀


August 7, 2008

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