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Craft Lover

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Blocking the seascape….

August 16, 2008 , , , , , , ,

It’s fun to block this! 

I feel like I was applying acupuncture to the stole!

I used the whole box of pins for this  blocking! And I am using Erika’s foam board for the work. works extremely well!!

It’s almost done!!

 Besides making the stole, I also made the bouquets, adding some netting and ribbons to this…



and the more bows were made for decorating the reception table….

How can I manage to do this while Erika is around? 

Because today is SATURDAY, and my husband is off work, so, he can look after her while I am keeping myself busy on these…


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I have those same alphabet blocks in one of my kids’ room. I love them!

yeah, me too. 🙂

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

August 16, 2008

Smart idea to use the foam as a blocking device! The stole is looking good and I look forward to see it on your shoulder!
The bouquet is gorgeous! I can see a lot of hard work has been spent on them. You’re really crafty!
Erika’s hair is getting longer…soon you can put a little hair clip or ponytail on her!

I got this idea from other’s blogger… but , forgot whose idea..
it’s really good though. 🙂
they are cheap in some stores, and you can buy a whole pack of 10 , should be enough for all projects. 😀
you can make it 5 by 2 for blocking stole…
3 by 3 for shawl…, cardigan etc…
very useful 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to picture myself yet…
seems like I have to wait until Sat….
I am still waiting for my dress’s alteration, then I can wear it with my stole. can’t wait

Thanks for the compliments on my flowers. I love them too… 🙂
I wished if I could save one or two for myself… let me ask the bride heheheh


August 17, 2008


THanks.. I just tried my best.
I have too much work to do recently for the baby, and knitting.
and I can’t afford to make more of these…
if one day Erika goes to school, I may do more crafts .. 😀

I will take picture for the seascape on me soon…


August 17, 2008

The bouquet is beautiful! And I love the stole! I can’t believe how much you can get done!

really don’t know.. hahahha.
I think I just enjoy knitting it, and I can find time to do it.
whenever you are interested to do , you will find the time to do it. 😀 hahahah


August 18, 2008

What a sweet picture of Erika and her Daddy! Genius idea for using the foam blocks for blocking! I usually find a cardboard box but they are so thin it doesn’t work the best for the pins. Your stole is beautiful as are the bouquets!

the idea is from other’s .
smart idea. I love that, and works really well, you can try that next time. 😀

Thanks for your compliments 🙂


August 18, 2008

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