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Shooting for my projects

August 21, 2008 , , , , , , , ,

Finally, I got all the flowers done (for my friend’s wedding) , and I can step out and take some fresh air! 

I put my seascape on the chair under the sun and took some pictures of it. 

But, I will take more pics when I use it on Sat. 

I also pictured few more for the knitting mittens, the first one was done , just need to block and sew.
I need to find buckles for this mitten, it’s gonna be the fastest Mitten in the world, it’s so easy and so beautiful with the mesh lace pattern.

In the pattern, it doesn’t says about adding beads, I added them to the edge for fun, And it looks more elegant. 🙂

Pattern : Glaistig from “Knitting New Mittens And Gloves” book.

Yarn: Claudia Hand painted fingering sock yarn (very soft!!) I think ,one skein should be enough for the a pair of mitten! 

needle size: 3.5 mm


I am very tired now, and better take a little break before I get off to the church tonight for wedding rehearsal and decoration.

 (in the picture you saw very few things there, but I actually worked a lot for all these bouquets and flower topiaries.)


And the wedding card for my friend, Rosa. 🙂

(matched her guest book) 


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That shawl is fantastic! I may have to add that to my Ravelry que.

Love the flowers! They look so beautiful. If you were closer, I’d have you do mine!

Thank you.

And I think, if you are ok to read Charts , this is not a hard project, and it’s really fun to see the lace while knitting. 😀

Yeah, if we live near by, I will definitely help you out. 😀 (by the way, love your little icon – the beautiful feet with pretty socks ..)


August 21, 2008

WOW….your seascape has a WOW effect! It’s so elegant and “light”! I am sure it will look beautiful on you with your dress on.

Your hard work is finally done on the flowers! Are your fingers sored? You did a fabulous job and I am happy for Rosa to have a friend like you!

thank you.
I think it looks good on any lace pattern.
It’s really airy. and it’s extremely light.
In fact, I tried it on my shoulder, it’s quite warm though.
but, I think it’s good to wear it in a/c room. 🙂
I am very happy that I can finish it on time.


August 21, 2008

I hope your ears are burning…. I sent you a huge package today in the mail.

Great pics of the shawl!

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

August 21, 2008

that is a gorgeous shawl, lilian! can’t wait to see more pictures… and the flowers… my oh my. is there anything that you can’t do? heheheh! good job!!

Thanks a lot! I just love making crafts. 😀
IT’s my hobby, not an expert. 🙂


August 22, 2008



Yes, I added beads to the edge of the mittens, and also using the crochet hook to do so, it’s easy and fast. 😀

COngrats that you finally could leave a message here. 😀


August 22, 2008

that shawl is so beautiful!!! 🙂

and the flowers are so pretty 🙂 your hands must be hurting! 🙂

Jen da purse Ho

August 22, 2008

The shawl is just lovely — the yarn is beautiful!


August 22, 2008

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