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Beautiful wedding

August 24, 2008 , , ,

I am extremely tired now, but still want to update a bit what’s going on today.

We attended my friend’s wedding today, the decoration went well.

I was thinking, the wedding lasted about 1 hour, and the decoration were all gone after the ceremony.

I spent almost 2 months on this , but only last for a hour!

Oh well, the good thing is: some people asked me,”are you working as a wedding decorator?”

I am glad that the outcome wasn’t too bad. 🙂

I took only few pictures for the decoration as I was quite busy and didn’t get a chance to take some good pics.

My husband helped me to take the rest of the pictures during the ceremony, however, seems like the result wasn’t that good at all.

Not to mention about the dress and my hand knitted shrug for Erika.
I told my husband many times that when he took pictures for Erika, ‘please take off her bib!’… but he forgot to do so , so, the bib covered most of her top body, and couldn’t take any good shot for ERika.

(me ,playing the piano for the ceremony)

I think I will let ERika to wear the dress and shrug again just for photo shooting purpose.

For the seascape, I thought I would use it in the dinner feast, however, the a/c in the restaurant wasn’t ‘strong’ enough for me to wear it, it’s way too warm inside the banquet hall. So, I didn’t use it. Sigh….

(Not to mention to take any picture)

It’s a long day today, and I really need some sleep now.

Good night everyone, and will share more later. 😀


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Glad you had fun at the wedding. My husband can’t take pictures either! He’s not that good, so I don’t trust him with my camera.

Oh well, my hubby used to be good in photography, just lack of practicing…
oh well, may be my expectation is too high on him. 😛
I shouldn’t say that.. hheheeh


August 24, 2008


for the preparation, I did all the flower arrangements, but for setting them up in the hall, I did have some helpers. 🙂


August 24, 2008

You know … my husband to be is terrible at taking photos as well. Every time I ask him to take a picture of me wearing an FO … well, let’s just say I’ve given up and ask my mother to do it. 🙂

Lovely flowers, and you and Erika both look beautiful!

haha, I think we have to set up a photo studio for ourselves to take some good pics without HELP. I do want to set up a small studio for my yarn and FO’s …it’s my dream…

thanks for the compliments. 😀


August 24, 2008


Yes, her wedding gown , night gown and chinese gown are all very beautiful..


August 24, 2008

all the flowers were so beautiful! you did a wonderful job! 🙂

and your daughter looked so pretty!! 😀 husbands are bad picture takers! hahaha. 🙂

Oh well, not all husbands are like that..
it’s just a coincidence. 🙂
Many photographers are HUSbANDS! 😀

Jen da purse Ho

August 25, 2008

Anxiously awaiting for you to post your Summer of Yarn Love package!! I hope you blog about it soon!!!!


August 27, 2008

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