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chuck E cheese!!

August 31, 2008 , , , ,

This is our first time to bring Erika to the Chuck E Cheese, she loves it!!!!

Although she didn’t know how to play those games, but she was so happy to see others’ playing.

She loves watching other kids and also smiles to them.

Guess she loves the most in this game room? 

1) putting tokens to the slot. 🙂

2) take the tickets from the machine after the game playing

and 3) touch every where of the game machine, since she is not tall enough to touch those buttons or joy sticks, she enjoys to touch anything ‘unrelated’ to the game ! She is just curious on EVERYTHING.

Too bad that the food there wasn’t that great though, I think we will eat before going to play. 🙂


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I have the same Monkey for Sean. I’m too scared to use it though, afraid people will think I have my child on a leash like a dog. What’s your opinion of it?


September 1, 2008

haha, I was gonna say, where did you get that Monkey bag? I think it’s really neat and cute idea. Now reading Robyn’s opinion, it does “looks” like a leash, however, I think everyone will understand it…

I agree with you. 🙂


September 1, 2008

I have the same monkey for my daughter. I’ve had people give me looks but hey it’s better then carrying her/pushing a stroller with her screaming that she wants to walk like her brother. We’ve used it when traveling/going to the zoo and have had many comments on how cute it is on her. For me, I’ve noticed that the ones that thinks my daughter is on a leash are the ones that don’t have kids. Other parents have come up to me and said that they wished they had one when their kids were younger or asked where I got it.

The first time I saw this monkey thing is in a supermarket, I saw a grandma with a grandson with a “DOG” one. It’s so cute, and then she told me that it’s from Walmart. She wasn’t very pleasant when answering me, I think, it’s because TOO MANY ASKED HER the same question ,and she was annoyed. 😛

I found it cute too.


September 2, 2008

Lillian, I just noticed that the monkey is facing the wrong way. It should appear to be looking over Erika’s shoulder. Since our daughters are close in age, is there anything that Erika likes or allergic to?

thanks for telling me about the monkey. I didn’t notice that at all (don’t even know there is RS and WS. hahaha)
Erika likes touching EVERYTHING , she is so curious on SO MANY THINGS.
But, once she touches it, she will turn away to another object if it doesn’t interest her anymore.

She doesn’t have any allergy so far except the skin is a bit sensitive.


September 2, 2008

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