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Doctor recommended: go out and relax! So we did!

August 31, 2008 , , , ,

What did we do in the Labour day long weekend?


Erika, Vincent and I went to Niagara Falls! Yeah, this is Erika’s first time to visit the Fall. However, she didn’t know what a Fall is ,and she might think that it’s just a big open bath tub with lots of water flowing.


On the way to the Niagara Falls, we saw something funny, but scary!

There was a man who was riding a motorcycle , but look carefully, there was something on his back: a dog sitting at the back!


Is it safe for the little dog?

I took a picture and a video for it.


It’s a long way for us to drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls, there were traffic jams due to the constructions, and accidents.  Thanks God that Erika could sleep for the whole journey to Niagara Falls.


After checking in, we walked to the ‘downtown’ area for dinner and then walked back to the hotel. Wow, we didn’t walk that much for a long time! And we are both very tired now. Erika is tired too, she didn’t walk, but she was very busy on looking new things on the street.


Here is another picture showing the big wheel at the back.


 More pictures will be post later for the beautiful Niagara Falls from our hotel room. 




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I haven’t been to Niagara in years…. (I think 1999 was the last time I was there!) Great pictures!

my second last time to Niagara is 2003 boxing day… oh well, it’s nice to bring your kids to this again. 😀 but, don’t choose long weekend, it’s way too crowded.!


August 31, 2008

Wow…it looks like a really relaxing vacation..Erika seems very busy looking around 🙂

it’s too crowd over there, and so many light boxes around the place, so, she didn’t even look at me. 🙂


August 31, 2008

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