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time to knit and sew!

September 3, 2008 , , , , , , , , , ,

The yarn that I am using for Angle (Kauni)

The yarn that I am using for Angle (Kauni)

After the long weekend, everything is back to normal. 

I didn’t touch the needles in the weekend, but I picked them up again yesterday.

Angle, the 1st section

Angle, the 1st section


I started a new project by Tora Frøseth Design ; her designs are very modern and special. 
I bought two patterns from her, and the one that I began is Angle.

the second section of Angle

the first section of Angle


The size that I am working on is for 12 -24 months. I am still struggling if I shall make it for my friend’s son and Erika.

The yarn that I am using is Kauni wool, it’s not very SOFT though, but I knew that it will soften a bit after wash. So, I will see how it goes. 

I also started a big project: blanket for my friend’s son. I hope I can get it done soon…


blanket for my friends son

blanket for my friend's son



pouch for swap partner, with fusible inside.

pouch for swap partner, with fusible inside.

I did some sewing as well,  I did one pouch again (this time, not sew by hand, it’s by machine) for my swap partner, and the other little bag is for ‘practice only’. but, somehow, I really like it and I think I will use this bag for holding small things such as Erika’s little box of Cheerios/ little bottle of water. It’s great to hold these items while shopping in the mall with her.

little bag

little bag


the handles

the handles



I think I started  to fall in love with sewing, because it’s fast to finish a project, if you compare with the speed of knitting. 
Of course i won’t put down the needles, I still have lots of fun to knit. 🙂

In the past weekend, we went to Niagara Fall, and then we came back on Sunday and had dinner with my parents.

On labour day, we did go out for lunch with my parents (and grandma too) , and then we all went to Chuck E cheese again! Afterwards, we went to Vaughan Mills Mall as well, however, didn’t buy anything (oh well, just a single scoop of ice-cream from Laura Secord ,haha!) My dad helped us to take lots of pictures (about 300 pictures!!) Since there were so many of them, i didn’t have ‘energy’ to organize them. But once I get it done, I will post the best ones up.

(also some video clips as well..)


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I love the angle pattern. I think it’s gorgeous. I’d love to knit one for my boys. Maybe one day I’ll get the pattern. I think it’s a gorgeous pattern!

Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

it looks cute. :)this pattern is very modern and not so hard to knit. 🙂
you should try that!


September 3, 2008


Yes, I really love sewing now.
Since I bought some nice fabrics from online store,
and the outcome looks good with these fabrics. 🙂


September 4, 2008

Man – you are good at the sewing!!! I LOVE those bags!

I love sewing now! ANd I think, I can make many handmade stuffs for friends and families now! 🙂

Amy T

September 4, 2008

I love the “little bag”! I love the colour combo and pattern – the pattern is similar to the bag I got you isn’t it? Wow, you’re a pro in sewing now and I am proud of you! I can’t wait to see you more sewing projects from you. You’re right, it’s fast and you can see the results right away. You have to show me how to do it!!! You did a GREAT job!

Thanks Angel, yeah, I just love that pattern.. that motive is my favorite one! 🙂
You can do it too, it’s actually not that hard to sew after few practices.I will do more in the future. 🙂
I can even mix with the knitting stuffs with fabrics too. 🙂


September 4, 2008

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