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Pyramid pouch

September 4, 2008

Tonight, after dinner, Erika went to sleep, and I could manage to sew again.

I think I am addicted to it, it’s fast and really satisfied to see the result. πŸ™‚

Here is the pouch that I made tonight.Β 

I followed the pattern from one of my Japanese bags pattern book.

IT’s so cute!!!Β 

I think I will make more , it should be great as Christmas gifts. Β πŸ™‚


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I lost track of how many pouchs and bags you have made in just a few days! It look super cute and I want one! You have to show me how to do it and I am dying to try one!!!
Hey, do you want the fabric back? I am sure you will make good use of it now!
Have fun and make more! It’s a perfect x’mas gift idea!

YOu know what, you should try it this weekend, too bad that I will be extremely busy this weekend, otherwise, I would come over and show you how easy to make those bags and pouches.
you will love them all. πŸ˜€
And then, you will truly believe what your mom said,”It’s faster and more fun to sew !!”

Hey, you are on my list, I will definitely make you few good ones.
Your birthday is coming up,and I already have something in mind.

For the fabric, never mind, keep it first, I STill have some in my stash. πŸ™‚


September 4, 2008

I really like them!!! Where do you get the fabric? (in Fabricland?) and where do you buy the Japanese pattern book?
I tried making some handbag when I first started learning sewing. oh man, but I found it’s not easy at all, because i have to do lining…haha…But seeing your results, I am willing to give another try. πŸ™‚

I don’t like to do lining , it’s so much work,
but it does look so much nicer and firmer for handbags..
I bought the fabric from online store (“”) , I don’t think Fabricland has nice stuffs like that. I only bought zippers, or plain color cotton/linen from them. Their style is a bit ‘out’.


September 5, 2008

Too bad there isn’t a pattern in English. I’d love to learn how to make one.

You know, you should open an Etsy shop and sell your stuff! (!)

I wished I would open an Etsy shop…
May be one day when Erika grows up and goes to school, then I will have more time to do more …
and my skill should be more mature at that time.


September 5, 2008

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