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Japanese pouch (failed) with pattern link

September 7, 2008 , , ,

The Front of the pouch


THe back of the pouch

THe back of the pouch



I made a very small Japanese Pouch today.

The pattern is as followed:

I didn’t know that the smaller the size, the harder to sew.. ! 
First of all, for the lining, it’s way to hard to sew it nicely,  I undo it twice, and finally gave up!


without lining, it looks really ugly, like unfinished....

without lining, it looks really ugly, like 'unfinished'....



So, this pouch is not successful, I don’t think I can use it anyway, it’s just too ‘light’ the fabric that if I put something inside the pouch , the shape of the pouch will change (really ugly! I don’t even want to take a picture of it.)

So, I think, I am not ready to make something SMALL. 

Second thing is: the curves… it’s so hard to sew the curve lines, it’s just … HARD!!!!!

I should do more practice on straight lines first before I make something curly. 

Note : the fabric that I used for the top was bought from MacFab, it already has the embroidered pattern on the fabric, isn’t decent? For the bottom, I bought it from L.A. Fabric which is on sale at the back of the store. (It’s WOOL, very soft! )

Wish me good luck for the next project, 

I am going to make a tote bag…

Oh , I should knit… , I still have  a bag to knit for my swap partner!

may be I knit in the morning & night, and then Sew in the afternoon.  (Thanks God that Erika does take few naps in a day.. and let me do some crafty stuffs… )


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I love your blog!!
You have received a Blue Ribbon! Come claim it on my blog.

thanks, I claimed it, and I made a list for mine too; 🙂


September 8, 2008

I don’t think your pouch is that bad! If the lining is too hard to sew on because the bag is small, have you consider knitting a lining? If you felt a piece of knitted wool, then use it as lining, it might work! Let me know if you need help. 😀

Seeing your new sewing items every other day is making me JEALOUS!!! I can’t wait to see your up coming new project – tote! I love tote too!!

Knitting a lining? it takes too long for us to knit the lining (I can’t wait.. hahahah)
but, thanks for asking, I will ask you for help if I need one. 🙂

You should start sewing as well,
once you get used to it, you won’t have ‘pain’…


September 8, 2008


Thanks, I think I got what you mean…
and I actually trying to improvising the pattern to be a simple one.. it’s much faster and easier.. 🙂

I am planning to make a tote bag, two jackets (one for myself and one for ERika) , and may be few more pouches and bibs .


September 8, 2008

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