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October 1, 2008 , , , , ,

Wow, after learning about sewing, I found that there are SO MUCH FUN to work with fabrics!

Now, I am ‘dreaming’ if I can print my own fabric.

1) screen printing, I have this set of materials since I was in highschool, and I wonder if the paint inside the box works or not. Oh well, if it doesn’t work, I can stock up some new ones, they are not that expensive though. I wanted to make silk screen printing since I was in High school, however, the box remains unopened till today! believe it or not. I will dig it out from my mom’s house, and try it! 

2) I found this SITE:




A very interesting site: it helps you to print your own design fabric. isn’t it cool?

I checked the price for the printing, it’s not CHEAP, but I think, if I am going to order 3-5 yards, it’s quite reasonable, and it will be really unique….. 

wow.. can’t wait to design some … 

however, I am still in a waiting list, this site is still in beta mode. (Just like when we waited for the “invitation” from Ravelry…. ) 

In the mean time, I can start with the silk screen printing first. 🙂

fun fun fun….

yes, I did a bit… (yeah, just a bit..)

I think I just can’t stick with ONE craft at a time… 😛 (That’s why I gave myself a name : Craftlover (not just KNITLOVER)


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Screen printing sounds neat! We had that in high school too, but I didn’t take that class.


October 1, 2008

I’m wanting to do printing on thrifted clothes, I bought a small men’s linen vest I’d love to put a peace symbol on for my 14 year old & do some other things for me, etsy inspiration but I’m not confident with my abilities yet, off to google good luck with your projects.


October 1, 2008

Thanks for taking part in being my angel. Details here:



October 1, 2008

Sounds very exciting! I saw the silk screen printing when I was buying acid dye at a downtown store. It was very interesting. (I wanted to try, but I decided that I should get my yarn-dyeing skill up to speed first. 😛 ) I can’t wait to see your silk screen printing.


October 1, 2008

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