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“Venny” jacket for Erika

October 3, 2008 , , , , , , ,

This is my first sewing Jacket for Erika. 🙂

The pattern is from Ottobre Design, Autumn 4/2008, the “Venny” Jacket. (size 80)

I love this jacket, however, I think I chose the wrong fabric, and I don’t know how to make a ‘lining’ for the jacket (in the pattern, it doesn’t say we have to add lining to it, but I think it should be better with it.)

Second, I still need to add buttons to this jacket , however, I have never try using the sewing machine to make button holes, I have to read the instruction from the machine, and try it tomorrow.

Anyway, I am happy with this jacket, I love this ‘weaving like’ fabric. (THe same fabric that I used for the bottom of the mini lunch bag in the previous post.) It’s on sale in Fabricland (only $4 or $3.50 for a meter).  

The pattern book is GREAT. I bought them through ebay store, guess what, it’s FREE SHIPPING any where in the world, and it costs me around 19 dollars for a book with 33 designs inside! 

Oh well, probably this pattern book is for more advance sewer, I found it ‘not easy to follow’, I just use my limited sewing knowledge to make this jacket. 

I actually didn’t follow 100% of the pattern, you know, just tried to make it “WORKS” , haha.

I didn’t use elastic band for the sleeves, because I don’t know how to .. hahaha

THe instructions in the booklet is very limited (that’s why I think it’s for advanced sewer.) …

but, I will try to learn with some other reference books.


this fabric is quite sturdy though, it can actually stand up like this..haha

this fabric is quite sturdy though, it can actually 'stand up' like this..haha



I will make another top for Erika on the coming weekend, oh my gosh, where are my needles? 

Am I going to give up knitting? 

no, I won’t..

I will pick them up soon. 🙂


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Don’t give up knitting!!


October 3, 2008

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