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Do you like Fall?

October 4, 2008 , , ,

I love Spring and Summer more than Autumn and Winter.

I just don’t like to wear heavy coat, and ‘warm up the car’ in the parking lot, it’s freezing….

Oh well, however, Autumn is beautiful with all those colorful leaves.

Erika finally touched the leave when we walked out the library last week. She loves it, and when she saw the red leaves, she kept saying,’Fa fa fa fa’… means “flowers” in Chinese.
She is so cute, she thinks that the leaves should be green in color, and if it’s not in green, it is FLOWER.

The weather is getting much cooler in Toronto here, the morning and night temperature is freezing, it’s only about 10 C, can you believe it?  we already turned on the heat at home, you know, just can’t bear the damp cold air in the early morning….

And there are many people caught the flu and cold as well, I hope every one will do fine and drink more Citrus juice to keep yourself with enough vitamin C !

Oh well, I think the best part for us to stay HAPPY in winter is: knitting, especially with alpaca, or wool, they will keep us warm and cozy 🙂


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Fall is my fave time of the year. Spring & fall. I hate the heat. Cool weather (but not too cold) is my fave!

Those photos of Erika with the leaves are nice.


October 4, 2008

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