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to make your baby smarter?

October 4, 2008

My daughter Erika is getting bigger and she is learning fast. She knows what’s I am talking about, and also knows where the things belongs, I should say, she can find the relations between things. 

(Such as, when I sing ABC song, she knows where to find the toy that plays this song.) 

I think nowadays, the parents learned more how to take care of their little ones, and give them the BEST ! 

(This also gives me a little pressure to ‘train’ myself to be a better, smarter parent! )

we always want our kids to be smarter.. and here I found a list of tips to encourage your baby / little kid to be smarter. 

Oh well, if we have a CHANCE ,why not give a try?

The following is the excerpt from this article

Janet Doman’s Tips on Building a Better Brain for Your Baby
1. Respect your baby’s intelligence: Talk to your baby about everything you’re doing. Use real words.
2. Teach your baby the name of everything.
3. Pay attention to your baby: He will tell you what he needs, if you give him a chance.
4. Listen.
5. Create a stimulating environment: Eliminate the chaos of extraneous noise; provide one stimulating item at a time; stop before your baby wants to stop.
6. Pay attention to the frequency, intensity and duration of stimulation. Use the five pathways into the brain: seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling.
7. Live on the floor: Babies need ample time on their bellies to crawl and later to creep. These are critical stages of mobility. 
8. Avoid devices that confine your baby: No playpens, walkers or jumpers.
9. Keep morning time sacred: Its the best time for the baby. If you leave
the baby with someone else, try to do it in the afternoon or evening.
10. Spend time at home: Parents and babies lose precious time together when they constantly pack up and go out.




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We started signing ABC very young to my son, and it’s his fave. He can say ABCD now (at 21 months) and a few other letters too!


October 5, 2008

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