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October 13, 2008 , , ,

Wow, we have a very nice weekend this week… 

THe weather is perfect, it’s not COOl, but with beautiful sunshine and warm air. 🙂

IT’s just great for us to go out and find some nice fall view for picture taking.

HOWEVER, since the weather is not cool enough yet, the leave’s color is only about 20% change, not 100% fall fall foliage view yet. 
So, we didn’t take too many pictures yet.

but, surely we will try that again on the coming weekend, I think the fall colors will be more vivid by that time.

Erika loves the leaves very much, and she loves to touch them too. 🙂

I took some pictures for Erika and Vincent in the conservation park yesterday. 
The leaves are mainly in yellow color, we hope to find some red / orange leaves….

And today, it’s Thanksgiving day, We want to say “Happy THanksgiving day” to all of you.


And also ,we are going to to the pumpkin’s farm for picture taking as well. 😀



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Beautiful pictures. Erika is so cute.. !!


October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


October 13, 2008

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