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What Am I doing?

October 17, 2008 , , ,

It will be great if God gives us 12 more hours a day.  I mean, 12 hours FREE to knit and sew. haha. 

It’s tough to knit and sew quietly and peacefully while Erika is awake, and she seems like need more attention now…

Oh well, I can still manage to knit and sew a bit. 


The Cable bag for myself

The Cable bag for myself



Recently, I am working two knitting projects: one cable bag from Debbie Bliss Family knits book, and the other one is a vest for Erika. This vest pattern was improvised from a Japanese pattern. I love the cable pattern from the bag in DB book, so I used part of the pattern for this vest, it looks good.


The Cable vest for Erika

The Cable vest for Erika



The yarn that I used for the cable bag is Japanese yarn, and the one that I am using for the vest is Malabrigo silky merino. Ha, sounds funny, a Japanese yarn for a western pattern, and a western yarn for a Japanese pattern.  I think this is called East meets West / west meets East knitting project! 


The front and back of the vest.

The front and back of the vest.



I will post the picture tomorrow as I am a bit tired now to pick up the camera and shoot them. (at the same time, it’s lack of light source now… and I don’t like using flash… !) 

Erika was quite fussy on eating few days ago, she ate less, and kept on spitting up the food that I fed her.
But, somehow, after two days like that, she was back to normal again.

My mom said that it’s probably of the teething again, and that made her uncomfortable to eat well.
hm… thanks God that this tough stage didn’t last too long, it really drives me crazy that she didn’t eat well.

As a mom, I always want her to eat, sleep & pee/poo well. 🙂 RIGHT?


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How did you create the bumps in the pattern? I love your work – It is so beautiful!

it’s called BOBBLEs, it’s very easy,
on the same stitch, K1, yo, k1, yo , k1…
in this case, you have 5 stitches on the right needle,
and then turn the work, and knit those 5 sts,
turn the work again, and purl them,
and the turn again, and knit them…
turn the work, and slip the 1st two stitches, and then P3tog, Pass the 2 slip stitches over, that’s it. 🙂
There are many methods to make bobbles, I just followed Debbie Bliss’s cable bag’s version. 🙂
IT’s neat. 🙂


October 21, 2008

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