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Erika is sick again….

October 22, 2008 , , , ,

Erika is sick since Monday, I feel so worried about her whenever she is sick.

I think she caught the cold from my husband, and she has runny nose with little fever tonight. 😦

I hate to give her medicine, but if her fever goes up tonight, I may give her some to lower it down.

When she is sick, she is very cranky and fussy, the worst thing is: she doesn’t want to eat. 

I already tried many food , and she refused to eat. 

So far, she only took my milk, cow’s milk, crackers and some fruits (just few bites) … 

I hope she will get better tomorrow, otherwise, I have to bring her to see the doctor. 

Poor Erika, after the Monday photo shooting, she began to have runny nose, and I became so down…


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Feel better Erika! I hate it when my boys are feeling sick too. Now that Sean has started daycare, he’s coming home with illnesses too. (Cough, cold, etc..)


October 22, 2008

I’m sure Erika will feel better soon. My pediatrician told me that her daughter never eats when she’s sick and her son still eats a ton.


October 23, 2008

Erika 好多了嗎?


October 27, 2008

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