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trying double knitting…

November 2, 2008

I received “son of stitch’n bitch” knitting book from one of my swap partners, and inside the book, there are two patterns using the double knitting method. 

IT sounds interesting to me, I want to try that long time ago. And it seems difficult to me when I first looked at the tutorial in the website. But, actually, after reading the little passage in the book, I found that it isn’t that hard though. BUT , as my first time trying it, I am very slow in progress.. And the hardest part is to hold two strands of yarn to knit and purl. 

I do love the outcome of the double knitting, it thickens and if I use this method for knitting a hat, it will be really warm! 

So, I am planning to knit a hat for my husband with the Mission Falls 1824 merino wool …(need to buy two more different color balls, I only have two black one at home.) 

IT’s gonna be fun ! 

My noro scarf is almost done, I will use up all 4 balls (with 3 different color shades.) I really want to put it down , because it’s really really boring to knit 1×1 ribs… I really try to be patient to finish it off. I don’t want to put it aside for years ( I know I will if I don’t push myself to finish it off!)

I think I will be able to show the FO by tomorrow.

Today was freezing in the morning, so, after church, we had a quick lunch and then went back home for a while. ANd thank you to my husband that he look after ERika for a while and let me went out for yarn shopping (for my friend).  Then, it’s KNITTING all day while Erika was taking naps…

I like the living style like that: free and relax. 🙂


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I have that book too, but then again I have three boys in my house! Good luck with the double knitting!


November 3, 2008

I haven’t tried doudle knitting yet but I am intrigued.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog – they brought a smile to my face. Your own work is beautiful and you’re lucky to have such a cute little model!


November 3, 2008

sounds like a lovely day!


November 3, 2008

I like your living style, making me jealous 😛


November 3, 2008

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