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Totally forgot about this…

December 5, 2008



I forgot to post the 2nd package of my Fall ewe swap.
Here you go.
With lots of chocolates again. 🙂

And the other swap that I received is from COFFEE and CHOCOLATE swap (RAvelry’s) 

as you can see, there are TONS of things inside the package:

hand made (x 2) coffee cup warmers, and fabrics, stitch marker, tea, chocolate, coffee beans, yarn (from Classic elite) and patterns. Wow. full of surprise there… and so did Erika, she was so curious on everything there… haha


little milk jar

little milk jar



 I love this ...

I love this ...

OH , look at my palm, it’s soooo dry… 

No matter how much hand cream I use, it’s still like that.

Oh well, I think, once we move to Hong Kong, my skin will be better, because it’s very humid in Hong Kong. And the water is “soften” , not “hard water” anymore… 🙂 




Classic Elite Sundance yarn, not wool, so, I can bring it back to HK. 🙂


little monkey stitch marker... with Erikas little hand... She cant resist to touch it...

little monkey stitch marker... with Erika's little hand... She can't resist to touch it...


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Great package!


December 5, 2008

Lovely package! It will keep you busy – knitting, eating….
I love how you capture Erika’s hands!!!


December 5, 2008

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