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wake up with tears or smiles?

December 17, 2008 , , , , , ,

Does your kid wake up with tears or smiles?
Erika usually wakes up with tears in the morning , I don’t know why, may be she slept on her own and felt lonely while woke up. Whenever I showed up , she wouldn’t weep anymore.

For late morning nap, she usually sleeps from 10:30 am till 12:30 noon. And I took a short video clip for her after waking up from the nap. She didn’t cry this time, but wanted to play with me.

Sorry that the clip was spoken in Chinese, but, I think, it’s ok, because I didn’t understand what Erika’s sayings anyway. We can take some good guess…

(I tried to ask her “where is the Mickey Mouse, where is the monkey, where…” and she pointed to me. Of course, not 100% correct. but, at least, it’s a good way for her to memorize the names of the objects.)


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I swear … you have the cutest child I have ever seen!

I love to hear people speak in Eastern languages. Chinese, Japanese, you name it … I just love the sound of it.

Amy Darsie

December 17, 2008

hahaha, she’s so cute…especially when she answers your questions…..


December 17, 2008

She even gave you a goodbye kiss at the end! Cute little Erika. She’s picking up a lot of words and she will “talk back” very soon!
It’s very sweet to see the interaction between the two of you…..she’s growing up healthily and you’re a sweet and patient mom. šŸ˜€


December 17, 2008

Sean used to wake up crying every morning.

Now he just screams “MOM. MOMMY. MA. MOTHER”… what?! Ya! Seriously.


December 18, 2008

Erica is so adorable.. I love how she talks..(^-^)


December 19, 2008

My baby wakes up with smiles, but he’s almost always happy (even with a high fever). I’m very lucky šŸ™‚


December 22, 2008

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