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Bad snow storm…(updated pics and video clip)

December 19, 2008 , ,

Wow, what a big snow storm today in Toronto! 

IT’s almost 15-20 centimeters of SNOW outside! 

Oh well ,we paid someone to help out shoveling, so, no back pain in this moment. 🙂

DId I manage to knit in this boring storm day? 

Yes, I did, I started another pair of Fetching. I think I fall in love with this. 


1) it’s not complicated at all, it’s EASY!

2) I love cabled patterns ! 

3) I can play around with different yarn .

I actually knitted one pair with silk + wool yarn, hmm, it’s a bit too ‘bulky’ for the fingerless mitten, and I made a little mistakes for both mittens as well. 

The second pair which I am working on it now, it’s using Noro Cashmere Island (color: 11). I love the color changing, and  I also modified the pattern as followed:

1) cast on 40 instead of 45.

2) Add one more cable pattern for the bottom part.

I am lazy to take pics for them, but will post them soon. 

I am also working on a scarf for  Scarf exchange, and something for a secret swap with my friend in England. 

Am I busy on packing stuffs? Not really That busy. but I already donated lots of unwanted clothes. Also sold many yarn and books in Ravelry and Ebay. I still have more to sell (I really mean it, the yarn, and books, and my crafty stuffs) I need more time to organize them well before selling them off from my hands.. I really miss them… they are my “PROPERTY”…. 

Next week is Christmas! Too bad that my husband will leave to HK during Christmas, otherwise, he can celebrate the Christmas with my family. 

Hopefully the snow storm on Sunday won’t be too serious, otherwise, we have to ‘stuck’ inside the house again. Oh well , do more knitting then… (but , honestly, I really love shopping… so does Erika. hahahha) 

See the pictures of ERika playing the little toy car in Toy”r”us and having little snack in the food court . 

I love this food court (Vaughan Mills Mall) , because they have tables and chairs specially for KIDS. CUTE!!  I am sure that the kids will enjoy MORE the meals there! 

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They’re calling for a snow storm here too on Sunday, which is not good, as it’s Sean’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday and Elmo is (hopefully) coming (well, it’s paid for already!!)

Fetching was one of the first few projects I ever did, and my first project with Noro! Great pattern!

I hope “ELMO” can come to your place for this birthday party. It must be real fun! 🙂
I love the fetching.. can’t wait to make more, it’s great for friends and families. 😀


December 20, 2008

wow, lucky you…I shovelled both my parents’ driveway, and my driveway. It’s free gym. 😛 (just dont’ like the temperature) If you are detashing any sewing books, please let me know. 🙂


December 20, 2008

Your fetching look great! and Woot on not having to shovel! Erika is darling at the little kiddie table, wish our mall had something like that!


December 22, 2008

wow….似乎你真係好忙於玩交換禮物喔…. 😀


December 22, 2008

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