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Boxing day

December 26, 2008 , , , , , , , , , ,

I told myself not to go to the mall today, because I know that it will be very crowded starting from the PARKING LOT…

I passed by “Markville Mall” which is only 3 minutes driving from my house. WOW, at 9:30am, the parking lot was already FULL! I think it’s very crowded inside the mall with long line ups for cashier!!

So, I changed my mind and went to Aurora’s Serenity Knits and checked out their boxing day sale. I actually checked their website before I went. And they had some decent sales on some famous yarn such as “Handmaiden, Fleece artist and Koigu” , of course, they were many more other good deals, but I wasn’t very interested. 

I bought a skein of sea silk (I knew that I won’t able to find them in Asia.), a skein of Fleece artist sea wool, few skeins of Koigu and also a book of Nashua knits, it’s a book for accessories knitting. I wanted to knit a pair of easy mittens by using “JOY” yarn. 

The best part to go to this store is: I love the store ladies there, they are so friendly, and they even took pictures for Erika. 

I will check out their blog later and see her picture there. 😀

When I was on the way back to Markham, I was on HWY 404, the sudden snowing made the road very slippery and I saw that there was a car “flipped upside down” on the side of HWY 404.. What a bad accident !!!  

I felt so blessed that we were safe on the road.

THen, in the afternoon , I went to Chapters with Erika , she loves the train so much and I bought her there for some fun.

At the same time, I bought her two hardcover books (because all hard covers were 30% off!)  too.


That’s all my deals on boxing day.

How about you then?


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I’m glad you got some good deals. My schedule on this Christmas holiday is packing and cleaning for the big moving day tomorrow! After packing all the stuff, I don’t need I need anymore goods….I just have too much. But then the seasilk and seawool sound gummy….they’re my favourite yarn! I can’t wait to see your post a picture of them soon.
Merry Christmas again!


December 27, 2008

We stayed in and stayed in our Pj’s all day. Sean went to go sleep at his grandparents house though, so he got out of the house!

I wasn’t going to fight with shoppers!


December 27, 2008

woot on good sales! Especially yarn ones! We skipped the boxing day sales, mostly cause we were packing then driving, but I doubt I would of gone otherwise, it was crazy crowded just on the roads.


December 30, 2008

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