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January 2, 2009 , , ,

Our family will have a big change very soon: we are moving!

We will move from Canada to CHINA, at first, I thought we will move back to Hong Kong, but then, we realized that we have to move to CHINA (may Shanghai / Beijing)

IT’s not easy for me, because I don’t know how to speak Mandarin, so, it will be a challenge for me.





I miss all my families , friends, church and the life style here.

Oh well, there are some positive facts though: I can learn Mandarin, and ‘travel’ around China.

I was born in Hong Kong, and only went to China (very few places) few times, so, it’s time for us to explore more.

As you know, China is really big and there are many nice places to go.




Everything will start from the beginning again, and I think it won’t be too hard though, I mean, I am no longer a student, and I am already a mom, a wife, I know what’s priority in my life, so, as long as I have my goal, will, I know how to face the future.



Recently, we don’t know which city we will live, it’s either Beijing or Shanghai, My husband will go to China in March 1st, and then after he settles down everything, ERika and I will move there.


For the friends in Hong Kong and Taiwan, we will have more chances to see each other, because we are much much closer!

for the friends in Canada/USA, I miss you all, and I wish to keep in touch whenever we can.

I think we can make good use of the blog, facebook, emails… right?


I will be pretty busy in these two months because of packing and moving, so, I might not able to update my blog as much as before.



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My dearest friend Lillian – I will miss you dearly, our friendship in the past 18 years meant a lot to me. I hope we can continue our chat even though we’re apart, and I certainly hope you and your family will have a happy, healthy life in China. You can do it!! You’re strong at heart, with your support from your family and friends in Canada, and the God above, I know you will succeed in the future as a mom, wife, and friend!


January 3, 2009

Wow! Best of luck with the move!


January 3, 2009

So – when are you moving exactly? And you’ll have to make sure to send me your address when you move!

So … on the language thing … does that mean you speak Cantounese? (Pardon my spelling!)


January 3, 2009

I really “wish” you’ll move to Shanghai, because my grandparents live there and I visit them like every 1-2 years. So hopefully I can pay you some visits there, and we can go shopping. 🙂 Best wishes and good luck on the move. Keep us posted.


January 4, 2009

Oh, one of the most important positive thing about the move is that Shanghai and Beijing are both freezing cold in winter, so you’ll still have a lot of knitting to do. 😛


January 4, 2009

Oh my!!! How exciting, wonderful, thrilling, and scary all at once! We just moved to a different state, and you are moving to a country that you don’t speak the language of. I hope your move and adjustment goes well. I’m looking forward to reading of your move, and seeing photos once you arrive.


January 5, 2009

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