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I am sooo busy!

January 16, 2009

Recently, I am very busy on packing things… and also sort out things that I don’t want anymore, so that I can sell them soon.
I have more than 170 books for sale… (will have more if I include the music books!)

Oh well, still need to squeeze some time to play with Erika. She loves Playdoh, but, I have to play with her, otherwise, she may put them in her mouth (even though it’s non-toxic, I better play safe!)

Here are some pics for her with the playdoh.

I think she wants to show me that she is making a ICECREAM BAR!

She is truly serious while playing with it, and it’s the longest time she spent on ONE TOY! 


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hahaha, they do look like ice cream!


January 18, 2009

I would be too afraid that Sean would make a huge mess with the playdoh. I have some, but havent introduced him to it yet!


January 19, 2009

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