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extremely busy

February 8, 2009

We had an extremely busy week!
1) selling
2) packing
3) moving
4) cleaning
lots of work but nothing related to knitting.
I really want to pick up the needles again.
but ,seems like I won’t able to do that until everything is packed and shipped.

My sister came from HK to Toronto for visiting, and I got a chance to take some pics with her and Erika.
My sister is so nice that she bought two beautiful toys for Erika.
A little tent and a bbq Grill!

Thanks sis.





我們說她有點像’叮噹’卡通裡的小人物: 墨魚的小販….

what a funny face! (she was pretending to be an octopus!)


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wow, the toys are nice! I would love them too. Love to see Erika’s pics on your blog again…haha, they are just cute and adorable.


February 8, 2009

That’s so nice of your sister to bring gifts!

When you move to HK, will you be near your sister?

Do your parents live in HK as well? You mentioned being with your mom the other day was she visiting or lives in Canada?


February 9, 2009

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