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While I am busy….

February 12, 2009 , , , , , , , , , , ,

 I received two packages today! 

what a surprise when I opened the mailbox! 

First, I opened the first parcel from Norway, it’s a beautiful scarf made by my scarf exchange partner, Marianne. 

She outdid this for me! 

1) my favorite color: purple, the pattern for the scarf is very beautiful with a cable in the middle and rounded ends. 

It’s so pretty with the crocheted flower with shawl pin. 

2) she also added 3 balls of yarn, two from Drop designs, the Alpaca , and the other ball is silk alpaca, very soft and bright color. 🙂

3) the chocolate from Norway , can I say more? I really love chocolates. 😀 


Then, I opened the second parcel, it’s from my secret pal 13 partner, she knew that I am leaving to China very soon, so, she kindly consider that and made a very special gift for me. She made many things for me , hey, it’s ONE of A KIND!! 

1) few dish cloths, which is very functional for me to use them in the kitchen.


2)  a very very fine lace work: dolly, I don’t think I can do that in my life, the ‘thread’ she used is really fine. I really admire my partner who really did a good job on it.

3) a very big , beautiful shawl made by my partner again, it’s a crocheted shawl, it’s gorgeous. When I showed it to my husband, he couldn’t wait to take this picture for me. 🙂

4) two packs of Lindt dark chocolate (yummy! my partner is worried if it’s too dark for me, no , I like it, I like the little ‘bitterness’ of the dark chocolate!

5) a pair of circular needles, she is so thoughtful that she knows that I will travel to China, and she bought me a pair of ‘plastic’ ones that is SAFE on the flight! 🙂  Thanks!

6) a hook, with a fancy top , which she said that I can use it as a shawl pin. Yeah, I agree with her. 😀 

7) a skein of Knitpicks yarn, this is my first time to receive BROWN color yarn, and I actually want to buy one , because my daughter looks good in brown, hey pal, you read my mind! 🙂

8) last but not least, a box of Lace knitting cards, I did think about buying this on my own when I saw them in the bookstore, but, I put it back as I thought I had too many patterns. Ha, you’ve got me this set of cards, thanks, I will bring them with me to China. 😀 

Thanks… pals, you guys really know my taste! I love them all.

and your packages just brightened up my day, and gave me SO MUCH MORE energy to pack my stuffs for the move! 



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It’s your lucky day or what? Two packages in one day with lots of goodies and surprises! I especially love the hand made knits…..the purple neck warmer/shawl is just gorgeous! I love it!!!! Do you know the name of the pattern?
The dolly is so fine…..fine like threads. Amazing hand stitches work.
The crochet shawl is very different from your usual work! I am sure it will keep you warm and stylish.
Loving the lace patterns too….for sure it will keep you busy!
What a nice surprise! Happy for you!!!


February 12, 2009

I’m so happy that the package got there. I always worry when shipping things out of the states, since I can’t get tracking on them. The postal service HATES me. I swear it.

I’m ecstatic that you like everything. I had so much fun putting together the package for you. I just tried to pick things that I myself would like. Besides, you can’t get rid of the yarn now, or feel like you have to part with other yarns to make room. 😀

SO, this is me going boo. Hi, I’m Betty, your SP13 swap spoiler.


February 12, 2009

Wowow, I am jealous! hahaha…The purple scarf is very beautiful!


February 12, 2009

Great package!


February 13, 2009

wow .. super cute scarf.. that’s a nice surprise.. and Chocolate!!


February 13, 2009

Wow, I love the scarf and the crocheted shawl! They’re both gorgeous 🙂


February 16, 2009

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