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two more days.

February 17, 2009

We will have two more days to pack our stuffs for shipping to CHINA. 


My back is a bit painful now, because we have to pack the stuffs on the floor. 

And I think we will have another sales again (this will be the very LAST one) before I move to my mom’s house.

My husband will leave on the coming Sat midnight. Erika and I will miss him a lot, as he sometimes does help a lot on doing HEAVY work. 

I still have many knitting books  available for sale. THe bad thing is: they are heavy, and not advised to mail them out.  So, my only option is to sell them locally. 

However, I don’t want to have too many strangers come to my house to check out the books.  I don’t feel really comfortable for it, unless they read my blogs once a while that I knew them already. OTherwise, it’s quite strange to let strangers come in and buy my stuffs.

If I am doing GARAGE sale, it’s different, because it’s OUTSIDE the house, it’s more OPENED. But, in my case, I am going to sell them IN THE HOUSE…. anyway… I will see how it goes.

IF I can’t sell them, what can I do with them?


no, the people don’t like to buy books from EBAY (esp from CANADA) , because the shipping cost is too high.

any suggestion?


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Will you have time to type out the title with the cost on the blog, and see if there’s body interested locally? Then the people can come pick up, instead of coming into your house.
Another option might be calling Mary’s Yarn or Knitomatic to see if they will take second hand books (remember to emphasize your books are in excellent conditions! I know they are!!) and see if they can give you a lump sum and they sell them for you.
Time is flying and gosh I will miss you a lot! Take it easy and don’t hurt yourself packing!!!
I keep asking, but can I help in anyway?


February 17, 2009

Yeah, I agree with Angel, type the title and cost out, and send me a copy, I’ll see if there are anything else I want. You know your address in china yet?


February 18, 2009

The only thing I can think of is in the used section, but it’s still the shipping problem


February 18, 2009

I might be interested if you have a list? Otherwise, may I suggest donating them to your local library?


February 18, 2009

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