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Craft Lover

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February 19, 2009

Not all my destash books are gone, 

but all our PACKED boxes were gone.. they will be shipped to CHINA! 

I miss them,…. lots of yarn, books, toys…. etc. 

I think I won’t see them until end of April/ or MAY.

NOW, what we have to do is: to sell our stuffs in our house, still have lots of stationery (Like paper for computer printing) , wrapping paper/bows, crafty stuffs (very few). lots of books (mainly Chinese books) , baby stuffs, and home decorations. 

The good thing is: I think I can go so sleep earlier ,and get up later (if Erika can do that.) 


oh well, although I miss the shipped stuffs, but I am happy that we already did ONE big part for this moving!


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I can’t say moving is fun. Like you said, you have packed most of your stuff and have shipped the parcels. So, big part of the moving is done. You can relax …


February 19, 2009



February 19, 2009

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