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I won’t be a good sales unless….

February 21, 2009


Very light, very gorgeous lace yarn from Japanese brand Nikke.

Very light, very gorgeous lace yarn from Japanese brand Nikke.



Have you ever think of opening a yarn store?
Yes, I do.

I didn’t have this thought until I started enjoying knitting.

Then, I think I am a yarnaholic, I really love touching beautiful yarn!!!

I think I won’t be a good sales though unless I know and believe that my products are GOOD !!

I wish one day I can open a yarn store, and stock up those BEAUTIFUL ones, and then i can sit there and knit whenever I can. Chat with people who come over and choose the yarn, or knit together. Have a cup of coffee (oh well, I don’t drink coffee, but I know that most people love coffee.) , or a glass of cold drink… and then knit knit knit… 

will this dream come true?

my dear friend, Angel. THanks for suggesting to be my ‘swap partner’ after I move to China. Yeah, I am sure that I will find some NICE (try my best to find them!) Chinese yarn, and also the Japanese ones (when I go to HK someday) .. then you can help me to stock up some seasilk. hahaha (my favorite brand: Handmaiden!)

Thanks for keeping most of my knitting books in your shelf, I really miss them, but I am happy that they are sitting well at your home. Because I know that they are in good care! 😀 

Thanks, my dear friend.


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Ahhh… dear my friend – you’re welcome! I am glad you like my idea to be my swap partner! We can swap yarn, books, patterns, notions, and good sale! Good to know our colourway is very similar so it’s easy to get the right stuff!
You never know, one day you might have your own yarn store in China, and I really hope your dream will come true. It’s actually my dream as well. Hey, one day we might have our own yarn store in different country, and we will blog our swap packages, and comment on each other’s stuff through Ravelry!
This sweet dream will make me sleep tight tonight! 😀
p.s. yes, seasilk…..I love it too. It’s my favourite yarn!

swap swap swap, I love the swap ideas, it’s really good !
And I really love RAVELRY, and I hope that it will last forever, so that we can keep in touch of our KNITTING PROJECTS through the net!
you know, writing BLOG about knitting is good, but not as good (organized) as the Ravelry.
This site is really powerful! 🙂
and I wish someone can make a site for SEWING … it will be our ‘2nd place to meet’. 🙂

I hope you will start up sewing soon too. 🙂


February 21, 2009

I hope you follow your dreams and open that yarn shop in China! I followed my dreams and opened my own – you can do it too!

I like your dream, and your dream came true 🙂
Wish my dream come true!


February 22, 2009

Hunny, if you do open up a shop…I’ll be waiting in line for a skein of some seasilk goodness!!!! 😛

If I have a shop in China,
I hope I can import those seasilk thing.
but, I think, it will be quite expensive, because importing WESTERN goods in China needs to pay LOTS OF TAX!!
hmmm… probably I shall stock up some more Handmaiden yarn for future use.


February 22, 2009

hehe, I once thought about opening a yarn shop too. I read a lot in ravelry’s business owner forum. I remember one lady said “once you start a yarn shop/knitting cafe, it’s not about your hobby anymore, it’s about how to run/survive the business”. hehe, I have to admit this is very true, so I decided to hold on to my thoughts and enjoy your hobby at the mean time. 🙂
oh, in shanghai, you’ll see a lot of different kind of cashmere yarn, and they’ll give you a small package of “liquid” to wash your garment afterwards, and OMG, the yarn just become sooooo soft afterwards. 城隍廟is the place where I got all my yarn.

I agree with that about being a store owner and a knitter. so, probably I shall find a job to sell yarn ,but not owning a store then. hahaha
I will check out that place for the Chinese yarn. 🙂
and definitely will post them here.


February 22, 2009

Hi there, I understand your frustrations as I also want to open my own craft shop. However, as I have no business acumen, my SO said my shop is doomed for failure.

how really nice if you can convert your hobby into business or turn your current business into your hobby, right?


February 24, 2009

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