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what? new yarn again?

February 21, 2009

what? Lillian, you are going to CHINA and already packed the boxes for shipping, how come you still bought some new yarns?

JUST BECAUSE I know that I won’t able to get these beautiful yarn in China, and I really looked for them long time ago.

I am talking about SUNDARA yarn.

They are just beautiful and gorgeous!


Sundara fingering Silky merino in CARMEL APPLE

Sundara fingering Silky merino in CARMEL APPLE



Sundara Superwash merino

Sundara Superwash merino

 Although I have no idea what to make with these two skeins, but I am sure that I WON’T sell them, 

and will save them for future projects. 

I overheard so many GREAT comments on this SUNDARA yarn, and I could never able to buy them online.

And wait, even though they have yarn in stock, the shipping cost for 1 skein is really expensive to Canada. 

I don’t really want to pay that much for just 1 skein of yarn. 

SO, I bought these two from the Ravelry’s member, she lives in Canada as well, and the shipping cost is more reasonable. 😀 

anyway, I am very happy to own two  skeins. 



I searched around if there is any yarn shop in Shanghai that sells European, or American yarn. Oh well, seems like even they have them, it will be EXTREMELY expensive. but, some people told me that their cashmere will be way cheaper than here.

I will try to shop around and then post it here.

I also found that there will be two YARN and FIBER show/EXPO in Shanghai too.

However, I couldn’t attend the 1st one, which is going to be held in March 31-APril 1, and the other one will be on Oct.

I think I will try to attend the 2nd one, and again, will definitely post the news here. 

Oh well, knitting fellows, at least, I have little HOPE that I can still knit and find some NEW yarns in CHINA. 😀 

(that’s make myself happier though.)


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You should be able to find much cheaper yarn in Shanghai…..not the imported ones though. 🙂


February 21, 2009

Yeah…Chinese yarn are cheaper…if you don’t mind the strange labels and such. You can always make a trip down to Hong Kong or Japan to check out the foreign brands, no?

I wish it was easy to get some Handmaiden Seasilk. T.T

I will definitely go to HK , or Japan, or even Taiwan… to get foreign brands, they are ‘a bit cheaper’.
and more choices too.
for seasilk, I don’t think it’s easy to find, even though you find them, they will be double the retail price here, I guess.


February 21, 2009

Sundara yarn is always my DREAM. You got two in your stash now! How great! I am very jealous….:D

I believe you will see different yarn varieties in China…including the Japanese ones which you love.

You even found out the next expo?! I am sure you will have fun there!

Keep in mind, we can be swap buddies when you’re there, and we will surprise each other! I will give you the North American/European ones, and you will give me the Chinese/Japanese kinds! 😛

THank you … I will be your swap buddy and it’s fun to swap the ASIAN yarn with your WESTERN yarn. 😀 lots of surprises!
for the EXPO , I hope they will have something “CHEAPER” just beucase of the show, then, I can ‘stock up’ more and send them to my friends in the WEST!


February 21, 2009

I love Sundara …. those two shades are so beautiful!

I am greedy, I want more of these. hahaha


February 21, 2009

Those colors are gorgeous Lillian! No wonder you bought them! It’s too bad you can’t get those over in China.

I love them, it’s so LOVELY, so GORGEOUS, so YUMMY… and I don’t even want to wind them up. they look nicer in a SKEIN form. 😀 hahah


February 21, 2009

There’s no reason to think you won’t get the occasional care package from the United States!


February 24, 2009

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