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lacy silk scarf

March 5, 2009 , , , , , ,

I finished the NORO silk garden little shawl last week, and I already started a new project with silk yarn.

This silk yarn was bought in a local yarn store (Linda’s Craftique). 

It’s from Handmaiden Fine Yarn, named samira silk,  the yardage isn’t a lot though, but 2 skeins should be enough for a scarf.

The pattern that I am using is the OLD pattern that I bought long long time ago, Japanese feather scarf.

I love this yarn’s color, SILVER, I think, it’s actually grey, but with the SILK shiny effect of the yarn itself, it looks like “SILVER”.

Knitting silk is very different from WOOL, for wool , they are more stretchy, but silk, it’s another story.

THey are soft, smooth, and silky to knit, but not stretchy at all. 



OTher than knitting, I already packed the stuffs for donation, the good thing is: someone will come over and pick them up, I don’t need to MOVE them to the station. This really helps me to save time and energy! 

After the removal of all stuffs, Erika and I will move to my mom’s house, and then I will do BIG BiG clean up for our house. 

I hope I will have SOME energy to knit at night before sleep. 🙂


my little one helped out cleaning ! HA!

my little one helped out cleaning ! HA!


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Erika’s doing a great job cleaning!

The knitting project looks like it’s coming along nicely!

Thank you, she was trying to follow what we did ! 🙂
I Hope this scarf will look good. I think it will look better after blocking.


March 5, 2009

She’s sooo cute…already helping out…
The yarn looks very yummy…hehe

🙂 Erika knows how to make us happy, well, for cleaning up, I think she was doing it FOR FUN, and just wanted to imitate what the adults do.

The yarn is really good, I love silk yarn!


March 5, 2009

Erica is adorable.. moving is so hard and tiring..good luck to you and your family on the move..

Thanks, and yes, moving is tough, and really used up lots of energy! And too bad that ERika is sick now, she has a fever 😦


March 5, 2009

The yarn is really beautiful! The pattern shows nicely with it too. Erika is absolutely darling helping you clean up!


March 5, 2009

Ohmy, what a cute little helper! I hope you rewarded her well! 😉

yes, I did, I did give her a little treat. 😀


March 5, 2009

These days I seem to get addicted to the silver, greyish yarn too! You got a good choice!!!
Erika’s so cute by mobbing the floor…..she knows how to make you happy! The other clip was priceless… the toy kitchen with her socks!


March 11, 2009

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