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waiting.. waiting… waiting…

March 8, 2009

I have to wait for a longer period before we head to Shanghai.

We actually booked the tickets for April 24th with my parents to Shanghai ,however, my husband suddenly told me that he will be away to many cities for working in the next FEW months.

because he won’t be in SHanghai, we can’t go to Shanghai without him. 

So, we have no choice ,and need to cancel/ change the flight tickets.

My dad has to work, so, we have to find another available time  for leaving to Shanghai,

probably June/ August 2009.

Hmm, I miss my husband, and so does Erika. 

we want to meet him earlier, rather than just waiting here in Toronto.

Well, the good side is: I enjoy the life in Canada, because I can drive and go wherever I want. In Shanghai, I won’t take the risk to drive , and no friend there yet.

Also, I can join the DKC Frolic at the end of April (25th & 26th) . I missed it last year,  and my friend Angel said that it’s really great to go and  there are many nice yarn to choose! 

Hmm, in this waiting period, I hope I can knit more. 
Recently, I am sick with coughing, probably because I worked too much on cleaning up/ wrapping up/…. 

well, knit a bit though. 🙂


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Aww, sorry to hear that you’ll have to meet up with your husband at a later date, but it’ll be worth the wait, right?


March 9, 2009

wow, I have to admit the wait is a little bit long…hope everything goes well. At the mean time, you can knit more and enjoy a bit of Toronto summer. Believe me, it’s much more pleasant than summer in Shanghai. 😛


March 9, 2009

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