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welcoming the spring

March 16, 2009

Hmm, I can smell the FRESHNESS of the Spring! 

Yesterday, I’ve got a chance to go to Downtown with Erika under the warmer weather.  I visited two yarn shops at a time ,and finally got two skeins of yarn. 

The 1st yarn shop that I went to is Naked Sheep, honestly, I expected too much before I entered to her store, and I’ve got nothing from there. They do have good yarns, but just not the ones that I am looking. (I actually want to search for some pretty sock yarn for shawl making. I love Indies! ) 

The second store is one of my favorite store: Purple Purl. I love their yummy SMORE SQUARES! I can’t resist to buy one home! And the store lady there is just very friendly. Erika loved this place too, she played around the sparkling SWTC yarn (with sequin)… and she also held it and showed other with JOY! hahaha, funny girl! 

what kind of yarn? it’s the malabrigo lace, the Cuarzo and velvet grapes. I love purples! 



I will use these two skeins to make shawls. Recently I am addicted to shawls, scarves. I think I won’t knit any garment until I move to China. I want to finish small projects first. 


Also, I bought  new patterns from Twisted Collective, they have so many innovative projects and very tempting!

I finally bought two of them , one is for Erika, and the other one is a scarf project named Cherry Fizz.

I already started it with Handmaiden flaxen, it looks pretty good so far. 🙂

Also, I am still working on the other GOLDEN scarf named Alhambra, I wanted to finish this off by the end of March, so that I can give it to my aunt for her April birthday.

 Today, someone popped me up in the email and wanted to buy my knitting books, yeah, some of them are still available, and I am now waiting for her to come and choose her favorites. 🙂


Have anyone every try to sell your 2nd books in Amazon? I did, and I already sold two of them.  in some way, it’s better than ebay, you can set your price, Amazon will charge you for little commission but at the same time they pay you some extra for shipping cost. 🙂  So, I guess, this is a pretty good  way to sell your books there. 🙂


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Nice update! love your story about going to downtown. I want to go, but so lazy. haha…Do you drive there? (I hate find parking at downtown) But yeah, the weather has been very nice, spring is just around the corner.

Thanks, it’s a perfect day to walk on the street, to breathe some fresh spring air. 🙂
and I just love to shop around the yarn store, they have some new stuffs in!!
I drove there, because I don’t mind to find a spot for parking, may be I don’t mind to DRIVE at all. 😀


March 16, 2009

The yarn is yummy!

I can smell spring here too!

Yes, I love it very much too.
SPring is here… Spring is here!


March 16, 2009

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