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I am building up my wips again!

March 21, 2009 , , , , , ,

Oh no! I am a bit guilty now… 

I am building up my wips again! 


I don’t know why I am easily get bored with one single project.  

And always want to start something new.

I am now knitting :

1 scarf for my aunt (seasilk)

1 scarf for myself (Silver silk) 

1 scarf for myself (the Cherry Fizz) 

1 dress for my daughter Erika (Little sister’s dress) 


Little sisters Dress (using Japanese Cotton yarn)

Little sister's Dress (using Japanese Cotton yarn)



Tell me that I am not the only one who is building WIPs all the time. 😛


Besides Knitting, I have nothing to do but playing with Erika.

She learns so fast recently and picks up and imitates what we do ! 

She is always trying to count “one” “two” “three” when she is going downstairs, and she will say the name of the animals, objects or letters when she plays puzzles.

It’s really cute. 

(but, it’s almost the stage of Trouble 2…sigh, she starts throwing things , she found it really fun! but, I didn’t pick them up for her, just want her know that this is not FUNNY and not appropriate to do that.) 

I will have lots of things to LEARN (Parenting) too.


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Your cotton yarn for Erika is gorgeous! It got a nice sheen to it and I love the colour! It’s perfect for the Spring weather!!!
Erika’s so cute. Yes, she’s growing up fast and she’s so bright! You’re a very good mom. She will learn your patience, inner beauty, manner. I am sure she will be a good girl. 😀
Enjoy knitting!

Thanks, I love this shiny cotton too. And it’s quite easy to knit, not very slippery but firm after knitting.

I hope she can control her temper, when she is sleepy or tired, she tends to have bad temper easily.


March 21, 2009

Yeah, I like that cotton yarn’s color too! Is it orange? very cheerful…haha, that bag Erika is carrying is cute…
I am the opposite, I always try to finish one project before starting next one, I do get bored sometimes, but that will push me to finish current one faster. I don’t know why, maybe I don’t like to choose between which project I want to work on..

It’s not ORANGE, it’s actually a mix of peach and pink, or CORAL color. it’s very bright and joyful the color. 🙂
You are very patient, I can see that you are a quiet person, and more Self-discipline.


March 21, 2009

hahaha~~me too.
I have two wips on hand.

I think, it’s quite fun to work on few projects at a time. 🙂
I love switching different projects , depends on my mood, you know. 🙂
So, I think I am a moody person, haha.


March 22, 2009

I love Erika’s penguin bag.

Sean copies everything I do to. I have to watch what I do these days!

It’s from Samsonite, I have two Penguin bags (in different style, but same character) , it’s so cute. You are right, we have to watch what we do… , sometimes, we just do something unconsciously.


March 22, 2009

That penguin bag is too cute! I hear ya on getting bored and having too many WIP’s. I don’t have that problem now, currently I lost my knitting bag with all my needles, so I want to knit, but don’t have anything to use.

Thanks, the penguin bag is from Samsonite, we bought this bag before Erika’s born. 🙂
I really love it, when I bought the bag, I already ‘assigned’ this bag for my kid. Now, she is using it, so cute!
I am so sorry that you lost your knitting bag, did you find it at last? OR: you have to buy a new set?


March 22, 2009

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