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isn’t this a nice place to knit?

March 24, 2009

WOw, I just noticed that there is a yarn shop iN shanghai, and I guess they do have Snb.




They do have Japanese and European yarn as well! oh well, I think, the price will be very expensive for anything imported (if you want to import foreign goods to China, you have to pay lots of tax!)





then, I asked my husband if our apartment is close to this yarn store? He said that it’s only 5 subway stops. Hmm, at least, I have the HOPE that I can knit with other people in this beautiful store!
I am so happy today! 🙂


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I am very happy to know this place too. You are right, at least, I know that there is a place to SHOP for yarn (GOOD YARN) and knit. 🙂


March 24, 2009

Wow…what a beautiful yarn store! It’s more like a high end fashion boutique then a yarn store! You have to go in there and take more pictures to show us!
Although it might be more expsnive, it’s still “imported” so it’s okay. You will even enjoy more of the knitting process becasue every stitch cost $$!!

Yeah, it’s just like a boutique!
I will definitely go and check it out.
if the yarn is AFFORDABLE, then, I will go more often, I love to knit in such place.
with bright light source and clean environment. 🙂


March 24, 2009

By the way, like the new look of your blog! It’s neat and fresh!

THanks, I always love things SIMPLE and CLEAN. 🙂


March 24, 2009

Yeah, yeah, this shop is on the same street as my grandparents’. 黄浦区福州路. I’ve been there. The price is quite expensive. hehe…but the shop looks very nice…

Wow, that means, if I can speak Mandarin, I can go and visit your grandparents. 😀
Yeah, I can ‘feel’ that the price for those yarn is quite expensive, but I also ‘heard’ that some people commented about this store in Ravelry, the price for the European ones are almost the same as here.
but, I am not sure about the Japanese ones.


March 25, 2009

That is so nice you’ll be only 5 subway stops away from the nice knit store!


March 25, 2009

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