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Little Sister’s Dress for Erika

March 26, 2009

This is the new project that I could finish in about 6 days (I knit this ALONE, I mean, I didn’t knit other things while this one was on the needles!) I love this. 


It’s very easy to knit, and the yarn is just gorgeous with its sheen. 

Pattern is free from Tora Frøseth Design, you can download the pattern in Ravelry.

It’s so cute. No sewn project, I think everyone loves it, (unless you like sewing) …

Yarn is from Japanese Daruma Trad, it’s mercerized cotton. 

Needle size: 3.5mm, I only need 2.7 balls for this project, around 304 meters.

I love the buttons, I bought them in Lettuce Knits, it’s pewter . 

I will let Erika try this on tomorrow and take more pictures.
I found that rubber band (for hair) can be the very good stitch markers, try that before?

I just can’t wait to start a new project for ERika again,

it’s the MONICA from, it’s a very cute tank top! 

I am going to use the Japanese Cafe Green , it has a great smell of SPRING! 


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I love it. It’s so beautiful! Where do you usually buy your buttons? I find your buttons are so nice. I couldn’t find anything I like in local stores. I can’t wait to see the dress on Erika. hehe


March 27, 2009

I usually buy my buttons in Lettuce Knits, they have many cute pewter buttons. And Mary’s yarn is my second, then, may be the button shops on Queen street. They are all pretty. 🙂
(oh well, need some time to shop for.)


March 27, 2009

Beautiful!! I’m going to have to add that to my queue on ravelry, cause it looks amazing! And no sewing? Kick butt!


March 27, 2009

Love them all! The pink top is just pretty. The button is gorgeous. How can you find the matching colour like that? From a difference, I thought it’s a see through button! The green one you have started is just lovely! Love the thick and thin yarns and the colour is just refreshing! I can’t wait to see the next FO in another 6 days!


March 27, 2009

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