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yarn choice again..

March 28, 2009 ,

I want to say thanks for all people who took the poll to help me choosing the yarn for the FIONA top project. It’s so much fun to take advice from all of you in this way.

Now, i have another poll for you to ‘play’.
Most of my friends know that I will leave to China, and want to stock up some GOOD yarns before I leave.
I found that in Shanghai, it’s pretty cold in their winter. They don’t have snow, but very cold with damp air.
So, that means, it’s good to stock up some winter yarn as well. (too bad that I sold a lot in the past few months…) THere are so many good yarns out there that I have hard time to choose what to buy.
How about you gals help me to choose what you think it’s good for keeping them in stash?
If you were me, what will you buy to China?



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If you need some Malabrigo before you leave, please email me, I’ll give you a good price on it if that’s what you choose to go with!


March 28, 2009


Now if only I can get my mind of bulking up my own stash… 😛


March 29, 2009