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Bring your kids to yarn store – frustrated?

March 29, 2009 , , , ,

When I have a choice, I would love to go shopping ALONE. Especially to the yarn store, I really love to take my time, and search the best ones to own. However, after having Erika in my life, I found that I can’t really ‘enjoy’ the yarn shopping with her.

Not because she wants to leave the store, actually, it’s an opposite, she wants to stay longer than me.
She loves yarn: however, not for knitting, but moving them around , misplace them….

She loves needles: again, not for knitting, but moving the packs of needles from here to there, you know, the stores usually organize them in different sizes, so, she mixed them all together….

She loves buttons: Oh well, usually they have containers for those buttons, but her hands are strong enough to open them, and then ,she will pour them all out and put them back in… you know what happen next : do that again and again, and at last, you will see her playing something else in another corner, but the poor buttons are still on the floor. Don’t worry, I have never let her play buttons in the store, I let her play them at home, you know, if she played that at home ALREADY, she has LESS interest to DO that AGAIN in the store.

She loves Patterns, tell me about it, she love Magazines, books, and leaflets, anything made of PAPER! She will sit on the floor and then flip them over (seriously) …. again, misplace them, or just leave them on the floor. She just reminds me those ‘hit and run’ drivers…

To avoid her doing that, I have to look after her in the yarn store, so, I have no EYE to search my yarn.

Some yarn stores are very considerate, and they already have some toys for the kids to play while the mothers /or dads are busy on searching yarn/needles/buttons/patterns. However, seems like, none of them are interesting if compare with all knitting stuffs.


If you are the parent of the kid, what would you suggest me to do in this case?
OR: what would you suggest the yarn store to do with this?

I love to bring her to yarn stores sometimes, because some sellers are very nice and they understand my situation, they didn’t get mad with Erika’s attitude , but, you know, as a buyer, I do want to have a ‘good record’, no matter how much they like Erika,I think they do prefer the kids not to PLAY those things inside the store, right?

I am not complaining, I just want to find some good ways to make both of us happy while shopping in the yarn stores.

My little Erika loves SHOPPING, I think, she might go TOO much shopping with me in the past, and she is trying to imitate the ‘shopping pose’ (oh well, I didn’t hold the bag like that, that’s her own way to carry bags, so funny. ) And funniest part is: she held the bag with the right hand, and then talked over the phone with her left hand.
I love her pose like that, it’s just so funny! haha


What do you think?

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Oh, how I can relate! Gone are the days of relaxing shopping. I think once our daughters get a bit older, it will become easier. Or, at least, we will be able to bribe them to be good. 🙂


March 30, 2009

I agree with you. I prefer to go shopping w/out my boys especially to yarn shops, so I can take my time, browse, feel, decide…. and not have someone tugging at my leg, touching everything…!


March 30, 2009

Those pictures are great!! What a little cutie!

No advice on the yarn shop. Here, I take one kid at a time with me, and they help pick out color for the project I’m making. We have a kid corner and a little tv/vcr at ours, which is a nice thought. As a toddler it’d be hard to not be fascinated by all the colors, and textures. I’ll probably leave Miss Pickle home when she’s toddling.


March 30, 2009

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