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Fiona’s Top – DONE!

April 4, 2009

This is the most colorful top that I have ever made for Erika.

I love this yarn’s color, although they are a bit too coarse to knit, but , their vivid colors are really attractive!

I spent a week to work on this ONLY, and it works out pretty good. 

The front is PERFECT, I mean, I didn’t make any mistake, ha!

I do agree with Robyn’s comment on my last post, she said that it’s quite NORMAL to have mistake for HANDMADE things. 🙂 You actually made me feel better. Thanks, Robyn.

I didn’t block this cute top yet, I was too eager to take some pictures for it, it’s just so colorful! 

I actually omitted the ‘stripes’ part for the neckband and the hem, because I think my top is already very colorful, no need for the stripes. I didn’t use the ‘green’ part of this rainbow color yarn, because I don’t really like the green in this top, so, You can only see purple, blue, red and orange in it.


the back of the top

the back of the top



I will let Erika wear this top and take more pictures , I think she will love this. 🙂


Pattern: Fiona’s Top by Sanne Bjerregaard (this is not a free pattern, but you can buy it from her etsy store.)

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 (Color: EQ) 

Needles: 3mm (for the neckband and hem) / 3.5 mm  (for the body) 

Size : 1 year old. (because Erika’s size is not so big, so, 1 year old will fit her better.) 




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I can’t wait to see her model it. (^_^)


April 4, 2009

That is super cute. Can’t wait to see a picture of her wearing it!


April 4, 2009

What a beautiful top! I love how the colour changes – it’s like the rainbow in the sky!


April 4, 2009

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