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what Can I do with this?

April 6, 2009

Swell yarn, dk , 360 yards.

Swell yarn, dk , 360 yards.


I want to knit something for ERika with this sweet yarn.

however, I can’t find any good pattern for it.

THe yardage is only 360 yards, which is not really a lot.

any good idea?


ETA: after receiving few comments below.. I think I have few ideas:

1) Shrug is good, it’s fast and easy to knit.

2) I want to try Baby Surprise jacket, but don’t have the pattern on hand (in my friend’s home , I guess) 

3) i also want to try the February Baby jacket (by Zimmermann too) .. I don’t have this pattern. If someone has it and willing to share, then, I might start this one instead of the ones on the above….


What do you think?

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Not sure if it’s enough for a small shrug…..summer is coming…


April 6, 2009


Your knit projects are so beautiful.


Erie Contreras

April 6, 2009

Hi, first of all i like your blog a lot, i read it everyday searching a new post jajaja. About your ¿? project i was tinking in a shrug for Erika, my baby have two and they are specially usefull to use in fall and spring. And the yarn that you show have so much colours, then can be combined with anything.
I was thinking too in a little poncho knitted with a draft point.
And what about a beret?


April 6, 2009

Just to throw another suggestion, it would be really cute as a pair of legwarmers. You could use the smaller hank for the ribbed cuffs and maybe throw a few random stripes of it in the legwarmers. 🙂


April 7, 2009

Thanks for the great input. 🙂 I will keep that in mind. 🙂


April 18, 2009

Going to email you right now. xoxo


April 9, 2009

thanks for your email. You are very very sweet!


April 18, 2009

If you need the Baby surprise jacket pattern, let me know. I can scan it to you. Sorry, I was busy and catch up any blogs until now.


April 19, 2009

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