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Erika is funny

April 18, 2009 ,

Erika is really funny.

She loves to repeat what we say.
She is almost 22 months old now, and she can do many things now:

1. Recognize all alphabets and able to say them aloud clearly. The amazing thing is that she can also identify the lower case and upper ones without any confusion. I think the alphabets wooden puzzles really helps!
2. she knows how to say and recognize. 1-10 . This is good because she did have difficulty to say seven , but now she can say it.
3. She is not very good in saying the shape names, but she recgonizes them well by pointing them out.
4. Colors are her weakest part, my dad said that may be she confused with the object’s names and the colors. But one thing that is amazing : she always know which is purple and said it correctly. Probably because she knows that her mommy loves purple very much and trying to make me happy. Haha
5. She knows opposites quite well: such as cold/ hot, high/low , big/ small etc.
6. She knows what belongs to whose in my family. We have five people in the house, but she knows which bowl belongs to who , which pants belongs to who , etc. Even though who is using the washroom upstairs , she hears it! This corner is great grandma, that corner is grandpa’s…etc .
7. She is like a monkey , climbing up and down the sofa, and trying to jump on the bed. I know that every kid is like that, well, not all, may be some of them, my mom is quite tired to look after her, because she keeps our eyes very busy to look after her every single move!

I am happy that the spring finally came, and it’s pretty warm these days. I’ve got a chance to bring her to the park in the downtown. Wow, what a perfect day for all of us to come out and take some fresh air! Erika loves the slide the most, and I am happy to see that she is quite brave in playing it.

Last thing, one day , my dad asked Erika a question,”can you keep one eye open and one closed?”
Guess what, she used her hand to cover one eye! What a smart girl! Haha!


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You’re blessed to have such a smart, beautiful, and cheerful daughter. I am amazed with everything that she can do now! She even know how to pronounce “seven”! And she’s learning something new every day! This is thanks to her mom, YOU!
Keep it up, taking a toddler is not easy, but you have been doing a fabulous job. 😀


April 19, 2009

Oh she is adorable and so clever for such a young thing too!


April 20, 2009

Kids are too funny. We have to watch what we say because Sean repeats everything (and your actions too). He likes to copy cat. And the word FORK sounds like a dirty F word when he says it, so my sister tries to get him to say FORK over and over again. Not funny!

She’s adorable Lillian!


April 20, 2009

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