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I am done with my 1st hand spun

April 20, 2009


I am quite happy with the result.
It didn’t take me an age to finish spinning, and I’ve lots of fun on doing this.

I didn’t have lots of roving, so, the yardage is only about 65 yards in total.

The outcome looks like “Manos”, I love the colorway, it’s a mix of pink,purple and blue.
When I bought the roving, I have no idea that it will come out like this, it’s just gorgeous!


before skeinning the yarn

before skeinning the yarn


skein the yarn using the back of the chair

skein the yarn using the back of the chair




I love it!
I am sure that I will buy more fiber in Frolic!!!

(Robyn, will you come to Toronto for this Frolic?)


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Frolic is like next weekend, right? I cannot make it this year to Frolic, I wish! I am going to Rhinebeck in October though. (NY, USA). I really wish I could come down for Frolic, but it’s too short notice.

Have fun at Frolic. I am sure you will have a good time!

If it’s later on maybe I can organize. But I could have sworn it’s like next weekend?

I wish you can come and enjoy the frolic here. the weather will be like 21 degrees and SUNNY!
I am sure you will enjoy the warm day here. 😀
but, of course, you have to discuss this issue with your hubby first. 🙂
Family is the most important thing.


April 20, 2009

WOW…so impressive! You did a great job and I am so jealous! The colourway is just gorgeous and I am dwelling!
There were tons of roving to choose from at the will be busy for sure!
So what are you going to make with your first success handspun yarns?


April 21, 2009

It is a beautiful color! I just learned to spin too, although I have nothing to show! It was on a friend’s wheel and it was her roving! Yes, from her sheep!

Terri Lynn

April 22, 2009

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