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Wonderful FROLIC day !

April 25, 2009 , , , , , ,

(Saturday, April 25, 2009 – very sunny in the morning and afternoon, but with thunderstorm in the evening! ) 

I really enjoyed today’s trip to the frolic.

First of all, I woke up at five thirty because Erika ‘s up at that time. But luckily we were able to sleep back till seven.
Then, after the breakfast I dropped Erika off to my friend’s place. And I went to the frolic all by myself. I arrived there at nine sharp. There were already lined up with people for admission.

This was my first time to attend this and gave me a good impression.

The location is good with the essence of Japanese taste (inside Japanese cultural centre). they had mainly three big rooms for the vendors.

I knew few of them because they were actually from our LYS. I was quite interested in the other ones. Because I didn’t get a chance to visit them.
Personally , I do love the Black Lamb yarn, they have lots of nice roving for me to choose. I bought two bags of superwash Merino and a bag of milk fiber. They are just gorgeous and super soft to touch.
I did go to the booth from Gemini fiber, they have so many handmade drop spindles, and I asked the expert there to show me which is suitable for a beginner. And she told me that the heavier weight is better as it will be easier to control. And I’ve got one which is also the most expensive thing that I’ve got from the show.
I also love the Oceanwinds knit, I went to that booth many times to look at her merion seacell, it is so pretty! But finally I only bought one roving from them, because the seacell yarn is not cheap though.

I was very happy that I met some friends and ravelry’s fellows there. I must mention about Robyn, she brought Mack and Amy with her drivind all the way from Quebec to Toronto for the show! I finally saw my swap pal! And I was happy that I could take picture with her and Mack. Mack is super cute, I really didn’t want to put him down. Haha!

I also met Michelle, Nancy, and Deb too .. 🙂 

I left the show at Eleven, and went to my friend’s place to pick up Erika. Wow, they had a good time too. Since the weather was so good in the morning , they brought Erika to the park for some fun. So , by the time I drove back home for lunch, she slept.

After the lunch and Erika’s up again, we went to the frolic one more time. 

IT’s a great 2nd trip , there were less knitters there ,but could shop freely without squeezing myself in the crowd to look for yarn. 

Erika was happy to this frolic too, she said hi to most people, and she especially loves the baskets of Yarn in Purple purl booth. I took a short video for her and also some pics. 

I like The Purple purl idea: they gave  a purple necklace for people who buy yarns from them. Isn’t that cool ? They gave ERika one of those, and she loves that she didn’t want to remove it from her hand until the end of the day!  

Overall, I was quite impressed for the frolic, lots of yarn to see and touch, and I especially love the fiber, I could able to buy MILK FIbER too. I knew that I couldn’t try that until I get used to the wool spinning. The milk fiber is as soft and silky as the silk fiber.

(Sunday, April 26th, 2009) 

However, today’s weather (SUNDAY) was so bad here with cloud and rain outside. Which means it’s hard for me to capture my treasure from the frolic with natural light source. 

I will try to list out the stuffs first, and pictures will follow later.

List of my treasure from the Frolic:

1) The Black Lamb Soy Silk, very pretty colorway, and looks like seasilk.

2) 2 x  Manos from THe Purple Purl, I love this colorway and wanted to use it for a ‘so called scarf’ for myself.

3) A messenger bag from Shall We Knit? I love the Brown base color with the graphics on top. It’s just a perfect size  for me to use it while taking Erika out to the park. 🙂 

4) A drop spindle from Gemini Fibers, and a bag of roving for my swap partner.

5) a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts’ 100% Superwash merino roving. my favorite purple/pink colorway! YAY! 

6) A 225 grams bag of Milk roving , undyed. Extremly soft fiber, you will love it! 

7) 2 x felted little purses from Serenity Knits, one is for my swap partner, and the other one is for myself.

8) 2 x shawl pins (wooden) from Nake sheep, love the designs, simple yet cute 🙂 

9) 2 x superwash merino roving  from The Black Lamb, one is in plum, and the other one is Orchid. BOth of very soft and pretty. 

10) 1 skein of Ocean wind knits Merino roving. EXTREMELY SOFT and I just adore this colorway! I can’t wait to see how it woud look like after spinning! 🙂

11) 2 skeins of Habu Cashmere, they are on sale at “Needles and Pin”. .wow, can’t believe it , only $6 each! it’s 180 meters each. So, I can use two to make a little shawl. 🙂

12)  last but not least, 2 skeins of Noro cash island. I used this yarn before for the crocheted Queen anne’s scarf, it looks really pretty, so, since they were on sales again, so, I bought two. I will make that scarf again! (the one that I made before was sold to someone who loves it.) 

Wow.. my list is long. 
but, I was very satisfied of what I’ve purchased, they were many for spinning, but I am sure that I will enjoy both spinning and knitting. 🙂

(able to take pics for the treasure! here you go!) 

1. pollika shawl pins, 2. soysilk, 3. tanis fiber arts roving, 4. spindle, 5. oceanwind merino roving, 6. noro cash island, 7. superwash ORCHID roving, 8. Superwash PLUM roving, 9. habu cashmere, 10. milk roving, 11. manos , 12. messenger bag, 13. felted purse, 14. FA roving, 15. Knitter frolic 002 – Copy, 16. Knitter frolic 014 – Copy

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Wow… got many goodies! The soy silk is pretty, the wovens are gorgeous, the habu colour is to die for, the felted purse is cute, …. I am so jealous!! It seems like I didn’t see these stuff that you had bought….t’s funny how we went to the show, but we got totally different stuff.
The show was awesome and I will go every year if I’m in town!
Hey, keep in mind if you want anything, I can get them for you next year!


April 26, 2009

oh it was you!! See your photo right by the purple purl booth, I’m the one in the middle in the peach tee shirt! I turned around, thought I saw you, then looked up again, and you were gone! So, didn’t get a chance to say hi after all. I think when I looked up you must have been putting your camera away because you were messing with your purse and I was standing right next to the bins of manos! glad you had fun. I haven’t yet had chance to document my goodies yet 😉


April 26, 2009

It was sooooo nice to meet you Lillian! I’m glad I made the trip from Montreal. Let me know if you have some time to come up to Montreal before you leave the country. You can bring Erika, she’d love to play with Sean!

Great yarns you got! Some nice stuff!


April 27, 2009

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    […] forgot to mention that I was actually photographed at the frolic by Craftlover! I’m in peach in the middle of the third photo on her […]

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