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Playing with beads

April 28, 2009


I wanted to use beads for scarves/shawls for a long time, and finally I’ve got a chance to start a project with them!


My dear friend Sandy made me a beautiful shawl with seasilk, I love it so much (although I didn’t receive it yet, she showed me the picture and I really love it!) I knew that in Taiwan, the weather isn’t cold enough for warm scarf. But, I don’t have any thing ‘cool’ on hand, so, I think, if I add beads with the lace merino yarn, it should be quite ‘cool’. And she can use it inside air conditioned interior.


Playing with beads is fine, I used the ‘crochet’ method to add the beads. And the pattern was bought from Oceanwinds. I love Oceanwinds patterns and yarn, they are just gorgeous and perfect for ladies!


Sandy worked so fast on my scarf, and I hope I can finish it off before I head to China.

I have too many WIPs on hands and it’s not easy to finish them off. But I will try my best to do that. J

I love the Malabrigo Lace yarn, it’s just so soft to knit and do I have to mention how nice the color is?


My dad helped us to take some good pics while I were reading with Erika.

Erika is always sensitive to camera!

Erika is always sensitive to camera!

Mother’s Day is coming, I am thinking what I should get for my mom, and in law….

My mom’s case is easy, but for the in-law, she lives in China, so, any suggestion what I should get for her from the Western world?




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Hey, you are so welcome!! (and I actually didn’t realize that you read this blog so regularly. hahaha) I am glad that you like it, you know, I know that you knit/crochet very well, and that’s why I want to make something more unique. I knew that you didn’t start to work with beads, so, it might also be a project to introduce beads to you. You can try that too. it’s so much fun!


April 28, 2009

The vest that Erika’s wearing is so cute! Is it something that you did before? It looks so cozy and warm!!!
The beaded scarf is looking nice. I wanted to try beading for a long time but I haven’t got a chance. Hey, maybe you can tell me the tricks after you tried it! I think our next gathering would be busy on beading and spinning since you’re so good at it now!
Mother’s day present for in laws? I don’t know myself….maybe something hand made? Is it too late for you to start something for her? Maybe having Erika to make a card for her to represent the love from you two!!

You recognized the vest, that’s the ONe I knitted for her last year, I love this , it’s by Malabrigo silky merino, very soft and light.
I know why people love Malabrigo, because the weight of the yarn is really light ,and its soft touch is just perfect that you don’t want to put it down.

Yeah, our next gathering will be all about beads and spinning.. hahaha.
you know me, I love to learn new things, and that’s why I Have so many wips….
I am slow to finish projects, but, at the same time, I am learning many new things.

You have a great idea:
even just a simple card made by Erika and Me, I think she will be happy.

Ok, let me find something (stickers, photos of Erika..) to decorate a card for her.

If I have to knit something for her, it will be too late.
a card ?! – not a problem . 😀

Thanks , for your great idea!


April 28, 2009

That color is beautiful! Let me know how the beading goes… I’ve been thinking of making Sahara, which has beading around the neckline.


April 29, 2009

i stumbled upon your blog while searching for cute japanese fabrics in toronto, still no clue where to find them though xD
but then i got distracted by your daughter, she is so cute and adorable! wish i will have a daughter like yours one day =3

Thanks for your compliments on my little one. 🙂

In fact, there is a shop in Toronto selling some nice cute Japanese fabrics.
check it out! (THe WOrkroom)


April 29, 2009

Nice purple! haha, it’s my favorite color too. Erika’s hair is long enough to have pony tail now…wow…very cute!


April 29, 2009

I haven’t yet played with beads in my knitting. Someday soon.


April 30, 2009

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