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addicted to computer and iphone

May 2, 2009

I think, both of Erika and me are addicted to the computer and iphone.

Of course, Erika does plays her own toys , puzzles, and the little kitchen. 

But, she also loves to touch my keyboard, and play the ELMO games, or go to FACEBOOK to watch her video clips.

SHe also loves to play the games in my iphone. I downloaded quite a lot of toddler games , and some fun music applications for her to play. She loves it , and you know what, she actually learns a lot too.

She can count from 1 to 10, in English, and Chinese. I am quite impressed for this. 

Recently, I found that she loves MUSIC , whenever she listen to music, her body will have the beat and then shakes. And her hands will move like a conductor. 

She also loves drawing, of course, she can’t draw any object yet, but, she loves to hold the crayons and draw. She can sit and draw for at least 15 minutes. 

Puzzles are her favorites too, she never get bored to play the same puzzle over and over again. The funny thing is: she is trying to ‘tease’ me by putting the puzzles in a wrong place and let me correct her. (she laughed afterwards!) 

I am weaning her right now, yeah, I really breastfeed her for a long time.

She is now 22 months old, and it’s about time to wean her, her pediatrician  said. He said that it’s a perfect time to wean her at age 2, and I think I better do it before I move to Shanghai. 

In the past few days, she was quite cranky because she missed the milk from me during the day. 

Right now, I only gave her the milk after wake up in the morning and before sleep at night.

Today, she did a good job, less cranky, and ate more ‘other stuffs’ during the day. 

What kind of stuffs? more food on her meals, and more snacks such as fruits, cookies, dried fruits , etc. 

I am very impressed that ERika loves to drink water.  She always hold her bottle and drinks. 🙂 
And she is very picky on juice, she loves REAL FRUIT JUICE, not those concentrated ones.   HAHA.

SO, Apple and orange juice are her favorites.

I did knit a bit in the past few days on the bead scarf.

I really hope I can finish it soon, so that I can mail it to Sandy sooner.

I love making this beaded scarf, because this is a new technique for me, and that gives me more motivation to work on it.

I am planning to make another shawl for another friend using the beads again. The pattern that I chose for her is the swallowtail, it’s nice to use the beads for those nodds.  The yarn that I will use is the Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace, it’s very fine the yarn, but perfect for a smaller size shawl. Because of the generous yardage of this silk lace, I can actually make two shawls with it. 🙂 So , I can make one for myself too. 🙂 

That is #1 on my queue.

We had some fun in my friend’s house on Thu, and she gave us some delicious cake to try. 

It’s her birthday cake, very yummy and rich in chocolate. 

The cake store’s name is Louis XIV, very cool name. And it’s all French style cake, very decorative and very yummy! 

Erika loves it too! 🙂 



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how cute………..

le chat qui coud

May 3, 2009

What an impressive blog! Erika knows so much even she’s only 22 months old! By the time her daddy see her, he will be surprised that’s his darling daughter! You deserve a pad on your shoulder.

Nice precious pictures on how she looks when it comes to food….especially chocolate! haha



May 3, 2009

My parents bought my son a Mozart’s magic cube ( and he loves it. Erika might like to play with one too.

And I’m so proud of you for still breastfeeding her. I weaned Stephen at about 13 months!


May 6, 2009

She’s growing up to be quite the little lady. She’s toooo cute. Love the chocolate on her face pics!


May 7, 2009

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